IFA 2015: Samsung SleepSense Smart Sleep Tracker Announced

Samsung has unveiled its Samsung SleepSense smart sleep tracker at the ongoing IFA 2015 event in Berlin. As the name implies, this tracker lets the users monitor their sleep patterns. The device is a small flat disk type sensor which can be placed under bed mattress while sleeping.

Besides tracking sleep patterns, the SleepSense also excels in monitoring user’s hear and respiratory rate during sleep. It comes with heart rate and breathing rate monitor approved by the US FDA. The SleepSense is a loT device which connects with other Samsung appliances and third party loT devices to create good environment for proper sleep.

Samsung SleepSense -1

Users can easily connect it to home appliances such as Televisions, light bulbs, security cameras and more using Samsung SmartThings app. The SleepSense automatically turns the appliances off to give you proper sleep environment. It turns off the TV if u fall asleep and also adjusts air conditioning according to your needs. Users can also get suggestions from experts on how they can improve their sleep.

Using the app, users can get all the statistics about sleep such as daily sleep scores, total sleep time, sleep efficiency, time took to fall asleep, number of times the user woke up, number of times the user go out of the bed, percentage of time on deep sleep and percentage of time in REM. According to Samsung, the SleepSense gives results with up to 97% accuracy.

Key Features Of Samsung SleepSense Sleep Tracker

  • Tracks sleeping patterns
  • Connects with Samsung devices and third party loT devices
  • Syncs with Samsung SmartThings app
  • Features heart rate and breathing rate monitor
  • Offers 97% accuracy

Price & Availability

The Samsung SleepSense will initially go on sale in Korea this year, followed by other regions. There is no word on pricing and exact availability details of the device as of now.

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