Now You Can Share Snapchat Stories Outside the App With a Link

Snap has added a new feature to Snapchat that allows users to share public stories outside the app. You can share links with friends and family who are not on the app. The shared link will open on The new ‘Our Stories’ and ‘Search Stories’ will be available for 30 days. Read more to find about new Snapchat Stories Feature

Snapchat Stories Feature

Snapchat users can now share public stories with friends and family who are not on the app. This includes Official Stories, Our Stories and Search Stories. All you have to do is ‘press and hold’ on the tiles in Discover feature to get a shareable link. These links will open via a player on

The ‘Our Stories’ and ‘Search Stories’ will be available on the Snap’s website for 30 days. However, the ‘Official Stories’ will disappear after 24 hours. The company might also add a monetisation feature to these stories.

Anyone can share stories created by people with official accounts. Public group videos from unofficial accounts will also be shareable. The new feature will also make it easier to embed Snapchat Stories in news stories and websites.

The new update is rolling out slower than expected. It will only be available in selected countries for now (like Australia and Canada).

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Snapchat has seen a huge drop in active users during last year. The company has been trying to attract users with new features. Last November, the Snapchat app was revamped to simplify navigation. The new changes are aimed to increase the time users spend on the app.

The Stories feature has reached on the Facebook and Facebook-owned platforms (Instagram and WhatsApp). The new shareable feature will expose the app to a broader set of people. The company is also redesigning the app to separate media content from friends’ posts.

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