Live In The Future With Vivo NEX!

Humankind is all about innovation and pushing the boundaries to make seemingly impossible possible one step at a time. Vivo NEX is one such advancement in the smartphone space, which pushes the envelope higher. In this post, I will tell you 6 reasons why we think that Vivo NEX is the phone of the future. It does pack in some excellent innovations and design elements, which set it apart from every other smartphone and makes it the ultimate piece of technology you can buy. Let us get started.

Elevating Front Camera

Most of the large display and slim bezel phones today have a problem with placing the front-facing camera on the forehead of the phone. This makes most phones have a wide forehead or notch at front. It is not the same case with the Vivo NEX. It has a very innovative elevating camera mechanism, which hides the front camera in a small section, which rises from the top when the front camera is needed and goes back in when it is not needed. This enables Vivo to do away with the forehead bezel and make the screen really large and immersive, the way it is. More information about it in the section below.

Ultra Fillview Display

The Ultra FullView display is this large 6.59 inch Super AMOLED display in a very compact body size (the equivalent of a 5.6-inch phone). The absence of a wide forehead and chin bezel makes it possible to design a phone with such an immersive and brilliant display panel in such a compact phone.

Design & Screen To Body Ratio

The design of the phone is extremely attractive. It is almost all display at front with practically no bezel. The front sensors are intelligently hidden on top of the display, the front camera is tucked on the top of the phone in the elevating mechanism. All these intelligent design tricks make the display around 91.24% of the total body surface at the front (also called the screen to body ratio).

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

First seen on the Vivo X21, the in-display fingerprint scanner is also being used on the Vivo NEX. It is one of the very few phones in the market to offer to this advanced technology. It works like magic, feel like magic! It uses an under the display CMOS sensor which works when the light from the OLED is reflected from fingerprint scanner and hits the sensor under the screen. We totally love this feature.

Artificial Intelligence Driven Cameras & AI Assistant

The Vivo NEX also has highly capable AI camera setup which uses a dual camera setup at back with large pixels 12 MP sensor and a 5 MP secondary camera with OIS. It features DSLR like fast focus, depth of field mode for excellent pictures. It also uses artificial intelligence (AI) based scene recognition to capture perfect pictures in a variety of different possible scenarios. The front camera is an 8 MP with AI beauty mode to make your selfies look spotless. These cameras also use AI based HDR mode for better dynamic range and high quality of images.

There is also an AI-based Voice assistant called Jovi which makes your life more convenient. The Vivo Nex also has AI image identification feature which comes in very handy.


Top Of The Line Performance

The Vivo NEX does not cut corners and has true flagship performance. There is top of the line hardware with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Chipset with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage. To make the performance and gaming experience even better, there is an AI Smart Engine and AI Gaming mode, which optimize the phone for general and gaming performance respectively.

So these 6 cutting-edge features and technologies make the Vivo NEX a phone from future. It does represent the innovation to its highest extent and delivers on top of the line user experience and performance. What are your views? Do let us know in the comments below.

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