10 Video Calling Alternatives To Zoom App Amid Security Concerns

Zoom has become quite popular during the ongoing lockdown. However, several official agencies have started raising privacy concerns. Read more to find 10 Video Calling Alternatives To Zoom App Amid Security Concerns

Face-to-face communication is important, even if you are working from home. Thankfully, video conferencing technology solves this problem.

Zoom allows for simple, easy setup meetings or regular meetings in your personal meeting room. It is ideal for anyone who works remotely or has remote team members.

The popular app is also a great option for working in very large teams. You can also record and broadcast your meetings for future reference.

However, the video calling app has raised several red flags. Now, multiple government agencies have issued warnings coz of privacy concerns.

Luckily, there are many video conferencing solutions that allow teams to work together from different locations.

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There are many options available online. Some of them are great for 1-1 conversations, some for teams, and others for live broadcasts.

Let us help you choose free video-conferencing software. Here’s a list of 10 Video Calling Alternatives To Zoom App Amid Security Concerns:


  • Up to 10 people on video calls
  • HD video calling
  • Screen sharing
  • Video call recording
  • Interactive video chats
  • Location sharing

This is a good tool to video chat from your computer/ phone/ tablet with a small group or a 1-1 conversation.

The free version of Skype works for small teams with less than 10 members. There is also a special tool called Skype in the Classroom for online education.

Google Hangouts

  • Up to 25 video participants
  • Video, audio, and messenger conversations
  • Video meeting recordings
  • Screen sharing
  • Join calls using Google Calendar

Google Hangouts is a simple way to connect with Google contacts. It can be used for personal or business reasons.

This tool is ideal for individual conversations, team meetings, recorded demos, etc.

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Facebook Live

  • Broadcasts up to four hours
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Custom audiences

Facebook Live is a great tool to broadcast demos, videos, or showcase their company culture while streaming live.

Your followers on Facebook can comment and chat live. You can even select a custom audience and schedule videos ahead of time.

YouTube Live

  • Three stream quality options (normal latency, low-latency, ultra-low latency)
  • Added delay
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Live questions from the audience
  • Live automatic captions
  • Private live streams

YouTube Live is a platform for demonstrations, educational sessions, explain a product to your audience.

You can use screen sharing or use a whiteboard. A Private live stream only works for people with an access link.


  • Up to 5 online meeting participants
  • Screen sharing
  • Document sharing
  • Moderator controls
  • Text chat

FreeConference is easy to use as it requires no downloads. It also offers moderator controls to keep the meeting on track.

The video conferencing app is ideal for meetings with five or fewer participants.

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  • Unlimited conferences
  • Up to 10 participants
  • HD Audio
  • Screen and document sharing
  • Call recording
  • Mobile apps

The free version limits your video call duration to 45 minutes. It is ideal for shorter meetings with small teams.


  • Up to four participants
  • Custom URL/meeting space
  • Locked rooms
  • Screen sharing
  • Stickers
  • Video chat

The free version offers a nice amount of features for individuals and small group conversations.

Appear.in can be used by remote employees, remote freelancers, or those working with clients.

TrueConf Online

  • Up to three participants on team calls
  • HD video
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote desktop control,
  • Recorded calls
  • File transfer
  • Shared virtual whiteboard

A free plan allows up to three participants in video calls. It is great for small teams or individuals.

You can easily host video calls or collaborate with small groups. Collaboration features include remote desktop control.

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Slack Video Calls

  • Group calls of up to 15 people
  • Individual calls
  • Messenger

This is a great way to ask a teammate a quick question. You can simply use the command/ call or clicking the phone icon at the top of the conversation with another Slack user.

Users can also Slack with up to 15 people if you start a call from a channel, enabling the rest of the channel’s members to join.

Amazon Chime

  • Easy-to-use calls
  • Builtin chats
  • Screen sharing

The sleek app offers good video quality and latency as Zoom. It comes with easy-to-use calls, built-in chat, and a screen sharing tool.

Users can start standard text chat rooms to keep conversations going and start a video call right from the room.

Additionally, you can schedule calls. Chime calls everyone’s desktop or mobile Chime installs, Participants can just jump on the call.

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