Acer Iconica W510 Windows 8 Hybrid Tablet-PC Most Affordable In Hybrid Segment

Acer says Acer makes it easy and they surely do so. The people are still looking out for the best Windows 8 tablet but the best would surely cost way more than what a regular consumer can afford. And packing in a lot of performance on a budget is the Acer Iconica W510, a 10.1 inch tablet with a keyboard dock which is due to hit the shelves in the Indian computing stores by January 20, 2013 and the price, a paltry Rs.39,999.

Acer Iconia W510

Spice Mobile Launches Virtuoso Phone and Stellar Pad Tablet

Spice unveiled two new products for Indian market namely Spice Virtuoso smartphone and Stellar pad android tablet. The two products are priced at Rs.10, 499 and Rs.12, 999 respectively. The smartphone screen carries a screen of 4.5 inches along with a qHD resolution. The phone is also studded with two cameras at front and rear face with a resolution of 1.3. Megapixels and 8 Megapixels respectively. The other features includes a 1700-mAh battery, a memory card slot that gives storage access unto 32 GB and a full leather covers that covers the phone from tip to toe. The phone functions on an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Spice Virtuoso Phone and Stellar Tablet

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Gets Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Premium Suite

The latest release from Samsung in Asia, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, will be distributed with Android 4.1.2. According to the latest report by UberGizmo “The scaled- down version of the Galaxy S3 will be retailed in countries like Indonesia and Vietnam bearing the  Samsung-exclusive Premium Suite, which was absent in the earlier release of the mini.” This report when interpreted clearly states that the new Galaxy S3 will comprise latest feature like Multi-Window view, Group Cast, Smart Rotation, and much more. The Samsung’s Premium Suite at the same time comprises several new tools that will give the users the privilege of customizing their notifications board according to their personal preferences and relish their collection of fresh apps. This Premium suite was earlier implemented in Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

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Lava ETAB Z7H+ Tablet Launched At Rs. 5499– Details

The Indian mobile and tablet makers seem to be on a roll for quite some time now and with the new year just starting up, they’ve just started launching new products as well. Lava first came on the mobile scenario at a global level when they announced their partnership with Intel to produce Intel powered Android smartphones and the Xolo branded flagship has proven its worth. Lava seems to be in the news once more.

Lava has just soft-launched the successor of their eTab and the newer version has been dubbed as e7H+. They’ve introduced the tablet with Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. The Indian market is crowded with budget tablets and it shall have a hard time making an impact in the budget tablet market. According to us, it is nothing more than just another tablet and instead it features a processor less capable than the outgoing version. It comes with 1 GHz single core processor whereas the outgoing model featured a 1.2 GHz processor.

Lava Etab

Acer Budget Android Tablet In India Under Rs. 8000 Coming In January 2013

Acer has been around in India for quite some time but has never really managed to bring a product to the Indian shores which could set the sales charts on fire. But all that is about to change with Acer well on track of launching a new tablet in India with Android Jelly Bean and that too at a price that will give most of the tablets from the Indian manufacturers a run for their money. It will be named as Acer Iconica B instead of the rumored name B1 and will hit the shelves by the 20th of January 2013. This news comes from a reseller of Acer who has shared this information.

This will be the tablet that will be sold all over the world at a price tag of $99 and is expected to be launched at the CES 2013 which kicks off on the 7th of January. The tablet being launched at a price of Rs.7,999 when it will be sold world over at a dollar less than 100, comes as a welcome news for all the people who were disappointed with the steep price of the Nexus, even though it had a lower price tag all over the world. The Acer India website has listed the device with the name of Iconica B l and as per the listing, it shall be powered by a 1.2 GHz processor and will have a 7 inch screen. And the package shall weigh 320 grams.

acer iconia b tab

Nokia Lumia 920 Launch In India In January 2013– Details

Nokia has given their current flagship, Lumia 920 everything that they have by packing in features almost difficult to find fault with. It features one of the best smartphone camera modules as they’ve used their much touted Pureview technology for it. The screen size is just the perfect for viewing and it is not too big either. The phone got off to great start in US and Europe with the Out-of-Stock appearing every now and then on retailer’s websites.

India is considered to be Nokia’s one of the most important markets as they’ve managed to make the Indians trust Nokia so much that they would buy a Nokia over any other similarly specced mobile phone available even at a slightly lower point. The success of the Asha series in the age of cheap droids pretty much points towards it and they look to replicate the success in the premium smartphone market as well and look all geared up for that too.

Nokia Lumia 920

Aakash 3 Low Cost Tablet With SIM Support Launch in February 2013

The Aakash tablet when announced seemed to be a game-changer of sorts but then in India how many times have we really got what was claimed. Datawind currently has a huge backload of orders and even though they are giving their best shot at coping up with the demand, their best does not seem even good enough for the Indian market. But then again, since they’ve managed to provide such a VFM product, we can grant them a little delay in keeping up with the demand.

Aakash had a lot of flaws when it was first launched and some of those flaws were taken care of by the next generation of the India’s budget offering in the tablet market when the Aakash 2 was launched recently. But even the Aakash 2 had its share of drawbacks and Datawind plans to launch a further improved version of the Aakash 2 by bringing in Aakash 3 which will feature a SIM card slot as its USP for improving the connectivity to a large extent.

Aakash 3 Tablet