[How-To] Disable Email Notifications for Facebook

Facebook is definitely the winner when it comes to social network and is one of the most popular websites people visit. Earlier when people used to ping Google to check whether their internet connection is working or not, now the first thing they type is Facebook.com.


This F generation is very much affected and addicted to social networking. Due to this, earlier generations who didn’t have computers in their childhood now have a Facebook profile. The use of Facebook is now not only limited to personal computers but instead it’s shifting as the world is going mobile. The use of mobile devices which includes smartphones and tablets has been excessively increasing and this is why Facebook is growing. People are connected to others via this social network 24×7 through their mobile devices. If you remember earlier when you activated your Facebook account you used to get email notifications now if that email address remains in sync to your device it might ring a lot but why do we need it when you have the mobile application installed isn’t it?

If you want to save your time deleting such emails and make them stop in future follow the steps below.

  1. Open http://facebook.com on your computer
  2. Login to your Facebook account
  3. Select the gear icon at the top right
  4. Select Account settings
  5. From the left pane select Notifications
  6. Change the settings as per your usage

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