[How-to] Remove V9 Portal Site and en.v9.com Malware

EN.V9.COM is a browser hijack that generally comes with freeware which we install from the interet from no cost or optional fees with software having limited access as compared to that of premium features. This adware generally gets installed with the freeware during the installation process. If you click too fast you might miss to uncheck this option and then all of your site queries will be tracked by this adware. We suggest to remove this adware as soon as possible to protect your privacy and following is the step-by-step guide to how to do so.

V9 Portal Site homepage
Image source : Malwaretips

Remove en.v9.com from your computer

Check for unwanted applications that are installed on the operating system.
If there are any uninstall them from the control panel.


Remove en.v9.com from browser shortcut

This adware attacks our browsers to load en.v9.com on startup even if we don’t want to. For this we need to check the browser shortcut and remove the argument “http://en.v9.com”.

  1. To remove this, right click on your browser’s shortcut, and select properties.
  2. Next go to the shortcut tab and look for Target arguement.
  3. Remove the “http://en.v9.com … ” arguement and click save.
  4. Next reset the browser to remove all previous cache.
  5. If you still see any traces left run any enti-malware tool to remove it completely ( recommended )

Image Source : MalwareTips

Now your PC is en.v9.com malware free and your privacy is only shared with Google because nothing can hide from them. Send us your responses and let us know what do you think about this guide.

Which Is The Best Motion Gaming Consoles And Why?

June went by and so did E3. The revolutionary presentation of new consoles and better technology. As the 50,000 people saw the videos of consoles and watched them play, the motion gaming suddenly came back on. Microsoft Kinect 2 had better technology than Kinect for Xbox 360, and even to play d-pad games like Dead Rising required the Kinect. Sony showed their magic of PS4 and the “Move “add on. With better technology, the “Move” is so advanced that the PS camera Eye can sense it and predict how is the user holding it. While users have better options to choose from, but we cannot forget Nintendo’s contribution to the World of motion gaming. It is a really tough fight between these versatile companies, each having it’s pros and cons but this guide will help you find the perfect console for you.

Battle Of Gaming Consoles

WickedLeak launches Full HD Android Wammy Passion Z+ in India for Rs. 15,990

WickedLeak Inc has announced their latest addition to the quad-core category – Wammy Passion Z+ on 16th July 2013. Wammy Passion Z+ is the first smartphone to be out in the market with MediaTek MTK6589T processors that are clocked at 1.5Ghz rather than the previous 1.2GHz series.

Wammy z 3


Wammy Passion Z+ sports a Super Clear 5-inch Full HD IPS display with scratch resistant Dragon Trail Glass ( OGS ) with the updated MediaTek MTK6589 Turbo quad-core 1.5GHz processors. It comes with 1GB RAM and dual sim capability with one of the sim having 3G access. It also features a 13MP rear camera with LED flash with BSI sensor and 2MP front facing camera. It has 4GB internal memory which can be expanded up to 64GB via microSD card slot. Wammy Passion Z+ is powered by a 2500 mAh battery to backup this device. It could not be called a phablet because 5inch devices genrally are quoted as smartphones these days.

Specifications at a glance:

  • Super Clear 5-inch Full HD display
  • 1.5GHz Mediatek Quad-core processor MTK6589 Turbo
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4GB internal memory
  • 13MP rear camera with BSI sensor and 2MP front camera
  • 2500 mAh battery
  • Android 4.2.2
  • 3G / WiFi / Bluetooth

Wammy Passion Z+ has been priced at ₹15,990. WickedLeak has started taking pre-orders for the device since 16th July 2013 and the expected availability date is 25 July 2013.



At this price point, we think no one is better than Wammy Passion Z+ till now. Reason being it has the 1.5GHz MediaTek Turbo processor and it runs on Android 4.2.2 and it has full HD display with OGS. Nothing can beat that till now. But we still don’t have any takes on performance because we need to test the device before commiting. We have tested Zen Mobiles Ultrafone 701 HD and Lava Iris 504q which gave the best performance at their pricing. If Wammy stands out in this competition it will undoubtedly be the champion until other manufacturers come out with their updated products.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Launch In India– Price, Hands On Review And Details

Samsung India has launched the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 in India on 18th July 2013 in a launch event in New Delhi India. The two devices (out of three global models) in the series which have been launched in India are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 and Galaxy Tab 8.0 both of which come with many software and hardware similarities but they have different specifications and performance levels. The major difference between these two tablets is the display size and processors which power these tablets.

Interestingly, both these tablets run Android Jelly Bean OS like other new Galaxy devices like the S4 and Mega series. There are three models launched, the 7 inch Tab 211 with android 4.1 and 3G + WiFi and two 8 inch models (Tab 310 and Tab 311) which has been launched with a Wifi only and WiFi + 3G model. The Tab 2 have been very popular because of their good value proposition and the Tab 3 is expected to carry the same philosophy forward.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

[How-to] Set Any Video Clip As Live Wallpaper

Android is a very powerful mobile operating system. It can do a lot of stuff which a computer can or even more than that. We personally have been using Android devices as our work phones and we found them to be very productive. Android has number of functionality and possible customization which need to be discovered by you as an individual for your use case. One such customization is making a video clip as a live wallpaper.

Android is the only mobile operating system having the option to set live wallpapers. Live wallpapers or interactive wallpapers give a different feel to the device. There might be sometime when you have this thought that wish I could set this video as a wallpaper. If yes, then you are in luck because it’s possible on Android.

video live wallpaper

There is an application on Android called as Video Live Wallpaper by C.C.P. Cre@ions which makes it possible to set a video clip as a live wallpaper on Android. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to configure this app and get the live wallpaper ready.

selecting video live wallpaper

Visit the Google Play Store and search for Video Live Wallpaper.

  1. Install the application to your Android device.
  2. Long press on the home screen.
  3. Select to change wallpaper and choose live wallpapers.
  4. In the list you will find Video Live Wallpaper as an option.
  5. After selecting Video Live Wallpaper configure the video source in settings and leave the rest as it is.
  6. Go back, choose the video and there you go.

choosing video live wallpaper

Easy eh? If you have any queries leave us a comment below. You may also contact us on our Facebook Page or on twitter.

HP Announces Intel and Nvidia Powered New Generation Personal Computers In India

Hewlett-Packard today on 17th July 2013 in India announced the launch of six new products which shall form the basis for next generation personal computers. Updated with Intel 4th generation processors and the latest Nvdia Tegra 4 chipsets, HP launched two Android and four Windows 8 running devices to provide mobility without compromising performance.

In the Android category, HP announced the HP SlateBook x2 which is a Android running tablet cum laptop. The SlateBook x2 has a removable screen which gives user an access to tablet and a notebook at the same time. With the advanced magnetic hinges and dual battery system – one in the tablet and one in the base, users can totally rely on this while on the go.

HP SlateBook x2

Slatebook is powered by Nvdia Tegra 4 chipset on a 10.1-inch touchscreen display which give users a pleasant experience to work with. The SlateBook x2 also includes up to 64 GB of storage and DTS Sound+ Solution for accessing and enjoying media content. The HP SlateBook x2 shall be available in India at a price of ₹39,990

Another Android powered device is HP Slate ALL-in-One which offers a 21.5inch Full HD IPS touchscreen display with wide viewing angles to enjoy music and videos with family and friends that too with the power of Android applications. HP Slate All-in-One comes with the dual-band technology which makes simultaneous media streaming and browsing at ease. It also has DTS Sound technology built-in which makes this experience joyful. It comes pre-installed with an HP TrueVision HD Webcam and Wireless Direct allowing users to share videos, photos and data between devices without the need for a network connection, and multi-user support with the latest Android OS Jelly Bean 4.2. It too is powered by a Nvdia Tegra 4 chipset maximizing performance with entertainment. HP Slate21 All-in-One is priced at ₹24,990.

HP Slate

Alike the SlateBook x2, HP also announced a similar tablet cum laptop with magnetic hinges and dual battery system but running Windows 8 and powered by Intel 4th generation processors. The HP Split x2 offers an sleek design with a soft-touch coating that provides a comfortable hold without being a fingerprint magnet. It features exclusive HP innovations such as a 2-megapixel HP TrueVision Full HD(2) webcam and the HP ClickPad for precise multifinger and gesture navigation. The base when connected with the tablet not only provides extended battery but also expands the storage capacity. With 13.3 inch HD display and Beats Audio, HP Split x2 gives an ultramobile solution for people on the move. The HP Split x2 is priced at ₹64990.

HP Split x2

Windows 8 without touch is not Windows 8 and that’s why HP build an intuitive touch experience in its new product lineup.
HP announced two more Windows 8 products namely HP ENVY Rove, HP Pavillion 11 TouchSmart Notebook and HP ENVY TouchSmart 14 Ultrabook.

HP ENVY Rove All-in-One PC is the company’s first of its kind. ENVY Rove features a 20-inch IPS HD+ (1600×900) LED backlit touchscreen display with wide-viewing angles and crisp graphics. It can easily move from upright to completely horizontal for a tabletop entertainment experience. HP ENVY Rove is powered by 4th Generation Intel core processors with Intel HD Graphics and Beats Audio providing a rich immersive experience to play with. It is priced at ₹69,990.

HP Envy Rove

Another entrant to this new generation lineup is the HP Pavillion 11 TouchSmart Notebook. It is HP’s one of the affordable touch notebook till now priced at ₹31,990. It features a 11.6inch capacitive touch screen display with powerful quad-core processor and graphics keeping it thin and light keeping portability in mind. It binds sophistication and style with its two-tone look that features an Ano silver lid finish which opens to reveal a midnight black metal interior.

HP Pavilion Touchsmart 11

Lastly, the HP ENVY TouchSmart 14 Ultrabook that features power with style. HP ENVY TouchSmart 14 is designed for the providing best audio output available on a PC with dual speakers, and a subwoofer. People can get upto 9 hours of battery life with incredible graphics by NVIDIA and 2GB of video memory. The product is priced at ₹64,990.

HP Envy TouchSmart 14 Ultrabook