Motorola G best budget phone coming to India in January 2014

Motorola launched Moto G budget smartphone officially at an event in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Motorola says that the average price of a smartphone is $200 in the world, and not everyone can afford a phone at a price $500. So one who cannot afford a good phone, so they made Moto G that truly deliver performance at average price. Moto G is a smartphone that delivers a premium experience with today technology and less than one third of the price of a high end phone like the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Motorola G best budget phone coming to India in January 2014

Facebook Messenger gets a new look with updated Graphical User Interface

Facebook was testing a new messenger experience on Android and yesterday it rolls out the updated messenger more broadly to people. This new messenger app is more simplified than before and now with the new app you can also contact to those people too who are not your Facebook friends. You just need to confirm your mobile number before installing app like What’s up, and other messaging apps and all done. The new look and design , let you connect to people easier than before. Tap across top of the app or swipe left or right to see recent conversation.

Facebook Messenger gets a new look with updated Graphical User Interface

[How To] Use Android Tablet As PC- Video Tutorial Included

The touch screens are the demand of the times but it can be a real pain for those who use their computers for more intense work like programming, writing, blogging or hardcore gaming. The tablets have the right ingredients to make the laptop extinct in the future because of their high resolution, instant boot up and longer battery life and they are a saviour when you are on the go. But if in spite of all this you miss a physical keyboard and the tactile sensation, you have come to the right place.

We are going to tell you a simple way to use your Tab as PC. The solution is really easy and the best part is that it will not pinch your pocket. You’d need:

  1. An OTG cable (available online for $2 – $3 here)
  2. An external wireless keyboard and mouse, which most of you would already have, otherwise they will cost you around $30 (available online here)
  3. Few minutes

Video Demonstration

Sony CP-V3 USB Portable Charger With Fast Charging

Sony India has launched their compact portable charger CP-V3 for mobile phones or any other devices which charge over USB like iPods, tablets etc. These chargers have been launched in a set of vibrant colours and feature a Sony manufactured Lithium Polymer battery of 2800 mAh capacity. Another special feature of this charger is that the output current goes up to 1.5 Amp or 1500 mAh which giver really fast charging time when you charge your mobile phones with this portable charger.

At just 84 gram weight, its one of the lightest portable chargers around. With the Li-Po technology, it also lasts longer than conventional durability. As per the claims of the manufacturer, it will retain 90% capacity even after being used over 1000 times. To charge this charger, you can use a standard wall charger which you use to charge your phone or you can also plug it to a normal USB port on computer, but that will take longer time to charge the battery/

Sony CP-V3 Portable Charger Battery Pack

Apple iPhone 5s and 5c Now Available in India

You might have read that Apple launched the new iPhone 5s and 5c in India on 1st November 2013. We were present at the launch event in Delhi. It was not exactly a launch event but we can say it as a sale event because the event initiated the sale of these smartphones in India. Apple obviously does not need any promotions in order to expand their sales but even these kind of events to help a lot.

iPhone 5C (4)

Comparison : Gionee Pioneer P2 vs Xolo A500S

Last to last week we reviewed the Gionee Pioneer P2 and last week we published the Xolo A500S review. Both of them are budget Android smartphones with approximately the same price point. Both these smartphones have similar hardware and software specifications and that’s why we planned to do a comparison between these two products.