10 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Productivity

Thanks to technology and constant connectivity, it can become hard to get things done. While everyone wants to be more productive, it is not easy to form new habits and stick to those. Luckily, you can use your smartphone to help you in your daily routine. There are several apps that can help you to stay on schedule, and motivated too. Read more to find about 10 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Productivity

 10 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Productivity


10 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Productivity

This app is perfect for the detail oriented users. The comprehensive app offers a variety of charts/ statistics, flexible goal settings, cloud syncing, and a variety of export options. You can monitor up to 100 habits with this app. Additionally, a customizable notifications system offers an extra boost to stay on track with your goals. The HabitBull app also offers few home screen widgets for Android users.

Track my Life

10 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Productivity

The Track my Life app helps you figure out exactly how you’re spending your time. For example, it automatically determines how long you spend traveling, your most frequent locations, etc. You can use all this information to maximize your time and improve daily habits.

Google Calendar

10 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Productivity

The Google Calendar app has added a new Goals feature which allows you to set goals for yourself. You can customize the necessary parameters. The innovative app automatically finds some spare space in your diary to scheduled in regular spots. This is a great tool to set exercise goals, practicing new skills or simple family time. Additionally, the app learns your habits based on your dates selection and makes better suggestions in the coming week.

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10 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Productivity

The simple app helps you to get started with the new habits. It rewards the users who stick to good habits by extending a chain of positivity. This motivates you psychologically to continue with your habits. the app allows you to set up reminders, notes, interactive notifications, and weekly targets. Additionally, it works with the Apple Watch too.


10 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Productivity

The simple app focuses on maintaining a streak of habit-forming days. It helps you to stick to your habits. The app consistently sends a bunch of stats to keep you motivated. The minimalistic app offers detailed functions too. You can divide your habits up into different times of the day to get reminders. It supports the Apple Watch too for on-the-go users.


10 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Productivity

The CamCard app saves you a lot of time spent in organizing and finding contact information. It is essentially a digital business card storage app. It allows you to exchange e-business cards, save information from paper cards and store all contacts in one place.

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10 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Productivity

The well-known app on the list is the easiest way to keep important documents accessible. It offers 2 gigabytes of free storage and can be accessed from desktops or smartphones on any platform. You just have to organize your data in Dropbox.


10 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Productivity

This fun app allows you to turns your life into a video game. You can use tasks like exercise routines or healthy meals as a chance to level-up. Users get rewards and random prizes for sticking with your habits. The Habitica offers motivation in a fun way by gamifying your daily routine and life goals. If you are easily bored or intimidated by the seriousness of productivity apps, this app is perfect for you.


10 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Productivity

The Goalify is essentially a sports version of Habitica. It also allows you to turn your tasks into a game. You can select one of four categories depending on your goals – Flex, Task, Avoid or Limit. While it offers detailed reports and statistics, the flexible app allows you to set specific habits with vaguer aims. However, to get full access to all features you have to pay a subscription fee.

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10 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Productivity

The innovative app takes a psychological route to avoid smartphone addiction. It allows you to plant a virtual seed and grow a tree. Depending on how much time you spend on your assigned tasks, this tree soon becomes a forest. Whenever you want distance from your cell phone, just open the Forest app and plant a tree. The seed will continue to grow as long as you leave the app open in the foreground. You can see a visual representation of your habits and get rewards for your self-control.


All apps on this help you in sticking to your goals. However, you still have to figure out the things you need to fix before you get started. It’s often said that life is short, still, we keep pushing things we need to do. Just get started and let your smartphone help you. Which new habits are you trying to form? Tired of watching TED TALKS without taking any action? We hope our list of ‘6 Smartphone Apps To Boost Your Productivity‘ was helpful. Would you like to make any suggestions? Share with us in the comments section below.

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