How To Stop Your Smartphone From Overheating During Summers

We are in the middle of summer moths. While we can manage the temperature indoors, it’s difficult to avoid the sun outside. The hot temperature also has a bad effect on your devices including that smartphone in your pocket. It is great to have your handset close while you try to make the best of summer months. However, don’t forget to protect it from hazardous heat. Summer’s can be a tough time for your power-packed handset. Worried about your smartphone’s overall health. Read more to find tips on How To Stop Your Smartphone From Overheating During Summers

How To Stop Your Smartphone From Overheating During Summers

Turn off the clutter

This habit can save battery life and protect your device health throughout the year. However, it is quite necessary during hot summer months. Turn off all the features you don’t need, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, and GPS. You don’t need most of these features all the time. Still, a lot of them keep running in the background consuming power and data. Turning these off will stop your smartphone from getting heat up unnecessarily during charging or otherwise.

Charge Wisely

In hot conditions, batteries don’t last long and charging just adds to the heat. However, it is best to fully charge your smartphone during night time. If you have to, just charge it to 70 or 80 percent during the day.

Beware of Viruses

Malware on your smartphone may cause a lot of issues including overheating. First, uncheck the ‘Allow installation of apps from unknown sources’ button in the settings. Next, get malware protection on your smartphone. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Use Coolify App

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The Coolify app offers a great way to tackle the heating problem. The effective app continuously monitors the temperature around you and modifies your smartphone’s systems accordingly. It also increases the battery life.

The Cooligy app is easy to use. Just press ‘Turn On Normal Temp Protection’ and accept the request for root permissions. Now, the app will show you current temperature chart. You can access Settings through the menu button in the top-right corner.

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Take off the case

Most smartphone cases are not designed after taking into account factors like maintaining device temperature. During summer moths, adding an outer layer to your device only blocks the heat and gets it even hotter. It may cause the battery to heat up. If you are not engaging in a messy outdoor activity, take off that extra layer. 

Keep devices separate

You might be carrying multiple devices and accessories with you while traveling. Keeping all of them together in a closed space creates an unnecessary heat bubble in addition to outside temperature. This is not good for your devices. If you have to carry multiple devices, make sure they’re powered off and use separate storage spaces.

Don’t leave the phone in the car

Leaving a child or a pet inside your car is never a good idea. Same goes for your smartphone. The cars are essentially heat incubators. When leaving the car, take your smartphone with you. If you have to, leave it in the trunk as it is the coolest spot in a stationary car. Avoid the glove compartment, even while driving. You can also get a magnetic car mount to keep the phone near the air conditioning vent on a long drive.

Avoid Extreme Changes

Avoid moving your smartphone from a hot temperature to extreme cold ones. Cooling your gadgets too rapidly could actually damage the inside components. In case your phone overheats, turn it off and leave it alone till it reaches room temperature. Take out the battery if you can and move it away from sunlight. Suddenly, moving it to a cold location can trap condensation inside of the handset and cause water damage.

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These are all safety precautions one can take in summer months. Most smartphones today come packed with heavy specs and features. This makes them more susceptible to heating issues. Throw in summers and you get a recipe for disaster. It’s better to stay more careful during the hot days. How do you cool down your smartphone? Have any other tips on How To Stop Your Smartphone From Overheating During Summers? Share with us in the comments section below.

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