6 Creative Ways To Use Your Old Tablets

Thanks to regular improvements in technology, users are constantly upgrading. As a byproduct, you often end up with extra devices. Recent smartphones and phablets have thrown tablets out of the water. Chances are you have an old tablet lying around. You can put these devices to your good use rather than selling them or recycle them. Read more to find 6 Creative Ways To Use Your Old Tablets

6 Creative Ways To Use Your Old Tablets

Use as a Streaming Media Machine

You can use your old tablet as a dedicated streaming device. You can use various apps to stream music and videos. Additionally, you can attach a Bluetooth speaker with a dedicated tablet controller. Just setup the whole thing once and you are done. Tablets are great to operate around your house. They can be easily paired with a Chromecast or Netflix.

Use as a Smart Remote Control

You can easily program your tablet touch screen as a universal remote. Most smart TVs and streaming boxes offer remote apps for mobile devices. It is easy to navigate through all the settings and choices on a tablet’s large screen

Use as a Second Desktop Monitor

Several apps like iDisplay allow you to use your tablet as an extra monitor. This can be a great help while editing or just comparing work sample. You can connect the two wirelessly via Wi-Fi or via a direct USB connection

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Use as a Kid’s PC

This quite an obvious solution. Rather than creating separate profiles on your handset, it is easier to configure a separate tablet for kids or guests. You can even add nice skins and accessories to make the device more attractive.

Use as Dedicated Security Monitor

If your tablet supports Wi-Fi chip, you easily take advantage of its cameras and microphones. However, you will need a constant power source. Multiple apps allow you to use tablets as baby monitors. You can use the same setup as security cameras too.

Use as a Gaming Pad

Instead of cramming your smartphone with games and app. You can install all your favorite games on your tablet and use it as a dedicated gaming pad. Unlike your smartphone, a tablet offers an uninterrupted gaming experience. In fact, you can talk on your phone and play at the same time.

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While most of these solutions are easy to manage, you have to be careful about the battery power. It is easy to forget about battery status if the device is not in your hand constantly. For a better experience turn off all the unused functions like WiFi, Bluetooth, and even background programs. Maintaining a periodical check is also recommended. Most tablets will last for a week or more off the charger if used in an efficient manner.

How do you use your old tablets and smartphones? Let us know in the comments section below.

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