6 Apps To Control Android Smartphone From Desktop

The difference between desktops and smartphones is decreasing every day. However, we are still away from seamless navigation between devices. The Google Chrome and Android combination is the closest you can get to unifies ecosystem. Tired of switching between devices for small tasks? Here are 6 Apps To Control An Android Smartphone From A Desktop

6 Apps To Control An Android Smartphone From A Desktop

These apps offer more control over an Android smartphone, all from your computer. You can send mobile messages, receive notifications, push files, etc. Just use the following apps to control your phone straight from your PC:


The AirDroid app allows you to easily transfer files between your Android device and your desktop wirelessly. Once connected, the free app allows you to view photos videos, send SMS, take screenshots, move or delete files on your Android device from your PC.


The Mobizen app also lets you control your Android handset on your PC. You can transfer files, backup, restore, screen capture, record, handle notifications from your Android device. The app even allows you to send text messages from your desktop.

Desktop Notifications

The simple app gets notifications from your Android device to pop up on your desktop. You don’t need to check your smartphone after every notification tone. However, it does not allow you to send a direct reply from your PC.

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Pushbullet is one of the best apps to offer cross-platform functionality. The app offers basic features like pushing files, info or addresses to an Android device. Additionally, it lets you mirror your Android notifications to your PC. You can even dismiss these notifications from your desktop itself. The fast-growing app also allows you to push your files to your friend’s phone. The uploaded files are stored in the Pushbullet server for easy navigation.


The extremely useful app allows you to write long messages for your Android device from a PC. Once you install the app and connect it to your Google account, conversations on your phone will be automatically synced. The incoming messages pop up on your browser. You can also use this app as a backup for your smartphone messages.

Message Beam

The simple app allows you send small text or URL from your PC to your smartphone. Message Beam is actually a browser extension. All you need to do is paste the text or URL into the field then press Send. The mobile app version works in the opposite direction too. You can send links from your smartphone to your PC.

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3 Apps To Control A Desktop From An Android Smartphone

Few apps also allow you to control your desktop from your smartphone. These can be useful in certain scenarios. Check them out:


It allows you to streams all the files on your desktop to any Android device with access to your folders. You can access almost anything that you store on your computer including songs and videos. All you need is to run the server executable on your PC.


The innovative app works as a channel between your Android device and computer. It comes with a Super Search feature that allows you to search for anything on your PC from your Android device.

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop

The Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop app allows you to control your PC from your Android device in real-time. You can listen to music, watch videos, play video games on your desktop from your Android device.

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