Airtel Zero: Violation Of Net Neutrality Or Beneficial For Customers & Marketers?

Airtel has announced the launch of its new platform named ‘Airtel Zero’. This platform as the name suggests, will enable the customers to access applications or websites at zero data charges. The data charges will be borne by marketers or the Mobile app makers and the customers who will sign up for this platform will be able to get the access of applications without paying for the data charges. According to Airtel, any big business or even a small one can make parts of their apps or full apps accessible to the customers. But will this platform really be beneficial for customers and small scale or big marketers? Read on to find out what’s our take on Airtel’s Zero platform.

Airtel Zero

“We are excited to launch ‘Airtel Zero’, which is an open and non-discriminatory marketing platform for all developers in India – irrespective of the size of their business. We believe that this platform is consistent with India’s Digital Inclusion agenda and also contributes to the government’s ‘Make in India’ vision by providing a platform to millions of small businesses to reach out to the end consumer.”, said Srini Gopalan, Director – Consumer Business, Bharti Airtel (India).

How Airtel Zero Works?

Mobile app developers or marketers will first have to register for Airtel’s Zero platform while Airtlel will convey this to the customers so that they can sign up for the same and get access to these applications without paying data charges. The data charge cost will be borne by marketers.

What is Net Neutrality?

The Net Neutrality principle states that Internet service providers should treat all internet data (websites and portals) equally. They should not charge differently based on content, sites, platform or applications.

Airtel Zero: Violation of Net Neutrality?

In Airtel Zero’s case, the Net Neutrality platform does not seem to be followed since the Platform will be accessible only to those websites or portals which will pay to Airtel for making their content accessible to users.

Airtel Zero: Beneficial For Customers and Marketers?

Airtel says that it will be open to all small and big scale app developers. Also it is up to the app developers to make their full app or parts of the app accessible to the customers.

  • Customers will benefit to some extent since they will not have to pay the data charges for accessing websites or portals for which they will sign-up but what about those apps which will not be included in this package? Customers will have to pay some charges for accessing such apps or websites.
  • Now coming to the marketers, big app developers may benefit from this platform, but what about those marketers who can not pay the required amount? Such websites will be projected unfavorably among the customers.

All in all Airtel’s Zero platform has its own pros and cons which will be favorable for some and unfavorable for others,

What do you think? Airtel Zero is violation of Net Neutrality or will it really be beneficial for customers and marketers? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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