Snapchat Spectacles Launched In Europe: Price & Features

Snapchat Spectacles are now available all across Europe. The camera-equipped sunglasses were first launched in the US in November. According to Snap (parent company of the Snapchat app), there are more than 55 million Snapchat users in Europe (out of 166 million global users). The company has been planning to tap into this territory for a while. During the US launch, Snap said that it planned ‘to make substantial investments’ in marketing and distribution this year. While the Google failed to make the smart glasses concept work, we will have to wait and see how successful Snap is. Let’s see what Snapchat Spectacles have to offer!

Snapchat Spectacles

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Vs Coolpad Note 5 Lite Comparison: Which Phone is Better?

Xiaomi Redmi 4A is available for pre-orders in India today. It was launched in India in March at a competitive price of Rs. 5,999. Despite its low price, the Xiaomi smartphone offers decent specs. The seemingly aggressive pricing did create a stir in this segment. Let’s see where does the Redmi 4A stands among its rivals and do a Xiaomi Redmi 4a vs Coolpad Note 5 Lite Comparison to see which one should you buy. So, Xiaomi Redmi 4A Vs Coolpad Note 5 Lite Comparison: Which Phone is Better?

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Vs Coolpad Note 5 Lite Comparison

How To Find Your Lost Smartphone

Smartphones are an integral part of our lifestyle. We depend on these handheld devices for almost all our daily tasks, from playing music to accessing important documents. Since they are always with us on our busy day, there is a big chance of misplacing these devices. What can you do if this happens to you? There is a big chance that you might find your smartphone hidden under your clothes or belongings. But if not, don’t panic! Every smartphone carries a software which can help you locate your device. In fact, there’s a way to even find your feature phone, if you have one of those. How To Find Your Lost Smartphone? Let’s check it out!

How To Find Your Lost Smartphone

How Long Can Nintendo Switch Sustain Its Momentum?

Nintendo Switch has been a much-needed success for the Japanese company. The gaming system is setting hardware and software records across the world. Nintendo partnered with Nvidia to create Switch. The device got full backing from the company’s marketing team, which has led to its success. However, without a major third-party support, how long can Nintendo Switch Maintain Its Momentum?

Nintendo Switch Price India, Launch Date, Specifications, Features

10 Best Slimmest Smartphones Under Rs 25,000

The smartphone revolution started with the first iPhone in 2007. In last 10 years, the handheld devices have come a long way. Thanks to an insanely competitive market, smartphones have grown slimmer and slimmer over the years. While many specifications have become more important to users, none of the brands can resist the temptation to bring the slimmest possible device. You can see Apple boasting about its slim design every year, without fail. However, if you ar a fan of the slim looking smartphones, you don’t need to necessarily pay the exorbitant prices for it. Many smartphones offer great specs in a slim design at reasonable prices too. Let us help you in choosing a thin smartphone at a medium budget, without compromising on performance. Here’s our list of 10 Best Slimmest Smartphones Under Rs. 25,000. 

10 Best Slimmest Smartphones Under Rs. 25,000

Moto Z2 Play vs Xiaomi Mi6: Which Upcoming Phone Is Better?

Motorola is going to launch its Moto Z2 Play in India in 2017. The upcoming smartphone is part of the Moto Z range which carries the modular smartphone concept. While Moto Z2 Play might be the most affordable in the Moto Z range, it will still have to compete with the flagship devices from other brands such as the Xiaomi Mi6. The Chinese brand is expected to launch its Mi6 handset in India next month. It brings with it, the best features Xiaomi can offer. Both Moto and Xiaomi are quite popular among the Indian customers. Let’s do a quick Moto Z2 Play vs Xiaomi Mi6 comparison to see which one should you buy.Moto Z2 Play vs Xiaomi Mi6