How to bring Facebook’s Chat heads to Google Chrome browser

If you have used Facebook messenger in your Android device, then you surely went through with the Chat heads that appears on the top of your Android smartphone screen on top of an app. And if you found the Facebook’s Chat Head interesting in your smartphone, then probably you would also want to consider the Google Chrome Extension that we are going to talk about in this tutorial.

How to bring Facebook’s Chat heads to Google Chrome browser

This new GoogleChrome extension brings chat heads on your desktop, but it does not deliver what you have experienced on your smartphone. When you install this extension named from Google Chrome store in your Google Chrome browser. Next, you have to just sign-in to your Facebook account. And when you receive a message. A chat head will appear on your window. When you click on it, Rather than opening a single person message box, it will open an entire new window with your complete message box. It will not even open the message inbox of that person who messaged you right now, it just open a complete window with messenger. With my experience with this extension I would call it a beta extension still, the developer need to work more on it, but hands up for a new initiative he done.

So in the end I just wants to tell you if you want chat bubble like you have seen in Facebook mobile apps, and you want to bring it to the desktop, you all just need is a chrome browser along with this tiny extension called

Install from Chrome Web Store

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