How Long Can Nintendo Switch Sustain Its Momentum?

Nintendo Switch has been a much-needed success for the Japanese company. The gaming system is setting hardware and software records across the world. Nintendo partnered with Nvidia to create Switch. The device got full backing from the company’s marketing team, which has led to its success. However, without a major third-party support, how long can Nintendo Switch Maintain Its Momentum?

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Third Party Support

Xbox and PlayStation are offering the biggest games on a regular basis. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch is pretty vacant on this front. List of upcoming games on the Switch includes FIFA, NBA 2K18, and Skyrim. However, most third party games are regularly announced without a Switch version. This includes the likes of including Call of Duty: World War 2, Mass Effect Andromeda, Destiny 2, and Far Cry 5. Such course of action suggests that the Nintendo Switch will not get a large chunk of major AAA third party games.

Right now, Nintendo Switch is seen as an untraditional gaming experience by third-parties. EA has stated that Nintendo Switch brings a new audience to the fold. Since Switch is selling more than expected, third parties are expected to tap its user base one way or the other. However, just like Wii, third party games on the Switch are likely to be smaller, side projects such as spin-offs of popular games.

The main cause for this resistance is the technological difference between Switch and Xbox One/PS4. The Nintendo Switch operates on an ARM architecture, rather than x86. While porting to it is possible, the platform comes with several limitations. Even if third parties like EA come around, it will take at least 1-2 years for Switch versions to arrive in the market. Will Nintendo be able to sustain its momentum till then?

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Alternate Experience

One USP of Nintendo Switch is the alternate ecosystem of games it provides. Apart from Nintendo, Switch can tap into third-party support from Japan and indie developers. The Switch is not necessarily a competition to the PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. In fact, it can serve as a complementary gaming system. Still, going by recent history, Nintendo doesn’t seem to be able to sell a system by itself. Recent third party Japanese games haven’t fared well either. Still, for a certain base which likes to play Nintendo games, Switch is the only device available. Nintendo Switch online service will launch at some point in 2018 and will cost $20 per year. You can also get a one-month subscription for $4 and a three-month subscription for $8. Users can play Switch games online for free until the service launches.

Another reason Switch is selling well is convenience. Unlike previous Nintendo consoles or bigger options, the simplicity of Switch sets it’s apart. While PCs offer an advantage in terms of customizable graphics, the user experience changes based on their setup. This is not the case with gaming consoles which offer consistent user experience. However, recently brands like Sony have been focussing on creating the consoles as powerful it as they can. This, in turn, takes way from the simplicity of just plugging in and playing the games. Switch offers the simple approach to its user base. While it’s not as powerful as PS4 or XBox One, the focus on gameplay works to its advantage. Unlike, PS4 and Xbox, Switch allows you to continue playing as you move from your home to other locations. As long as Switch is more convenient than the competition, it will continue to find users.

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