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Ludo Zenith- 3D Strategy Online Ludo Game Review

Mobile multiplayer gaming is one of the most relaxing and engaging things we love to do in our free time. With the ongoing global situation, where most of us cannot catch up with our friends in the real world, these multiplayer mobile games have come as our savior. While Ludo is one of the oldest classic games we have grown up playing, it still is a lot of fun to play this game with friends and family. Whether you play it online or offline, it is full of fun and a competitive spirit. But don’t you think that after playing only a few rounds of it, it starts to feel very boring and repetitive? Well, to me, it does. In this post, I will share with you a unique treasure, which is, our favorite old Ludo with a lot of added twists and added excitement, the Ludo Zenith.

Ludo Zenith

PUBG Review For Android: It’s Increasing Popularity Is Well-Justified

Player Unknown’s Battleground or rather PUBG is a multiplayer online battle royale game. It puts you against 99 other players in a crazy, nerve-wracking and fast-paced survival scenario. A player needs to search for loot, stay in the safe zone, and explore the map. It has three modes– Solo play, Duo mode, and a squad of four. Every mode has its unique playing style. The game was originally released in China, and the mobile version (Android and iOS) is available everywhere. I have been playing this game for at least a month in my Redmi 4A, and it has become an addiction. So here is my PUBG review for Android:

PUBG Review For Android: It's Increasing Popularity Is Well-Justified

FIFA 19: Expected Launch Date And What To Expect From EA’s Flagship Gaming Series

Every year, football and gaming fans across the world eagerly wait for the next yearly version of the FIFA video game series. We cut through endless months just for next version with its updated graphics and gameplay. This year with the expected FIFA 19 it has also been the same and to top it all up even the FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place. A free FIFA 18 update is also supposed to coincide with the Russia showpiece event.

FIFA 19: Expected Launch Date And What To Expect From EA's Flagship Gaming Series