Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Leaked Specifications, Price and Availability Overview

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5, the next most awaited smartphone from Samsung becomes the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. While the latest flagship (S5) is not available in the country for now, the rumors about the features and specifications of the “Next Big Thing” in the Note series are already making rounds online. Read on to find out the detailed analysis on the specifications, price and availability of Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Leaked

According to a Chinese website CNMO, following features and specifications are going to be incorporated into the upcoming device :

  • Samsung will get rid of the fingerprint sensor altogether and will use a new intuitive way of unlocking the smartphone by simply writing on the screen itself. It is however not clear how Samsung is going to implement this feature.
  • The major upgrade and easily the main feature of the Note series is the display. Bumping from 1080p resolution present in the Galaxy Note 3, the Note 4 will sport a 2K resolution display ( 2560x1440p) bumping up the pixel density to an all time.
  • The next upgrade is going to be the Camera. Going from 13 MegaPixel unit to a 20.7 MP with Optical Image Stabilization (Already present in HTC One M7) and 4K Video recording capabilities (Present in Note 3 and Galaxy S5). This is the first time Samsung is entering into 20MP+ camera range (Hello Nokia and Sony!)
  • Samsung is also going to use a 64 bit processor following the trails of the Apple iPhone 5S. The 64 bit processor will be coupled with a 4GB RAM unit which is the minimum requirement for a 64 bit processor to function at optimum quality.
  • The next version of Android- 4.5 is going to be incorporated into the device, which is likely to be unveiled at the next I/O event by Google this Summer.
  • Pricing – According to the report, the device will cost less than 800$. However Indian consumers can expect the price tag at the launch to be in the range of 55-60,000 Rupees (Considering the launch price of the Galaxy S5)
  • Availability – The Note series devices are usually unveiled in end the of the year. Following the similar trend, the launch can be expected between September to December 2014 time frame.
  • Battery – The battery capacity is going to be upgraded to 3600 mAh improving on already mammoth battery backup provided by the Note 3.
  • UI – The TouchWiz UI – Samsung’s own skin over the android hasn’t really gone through any major overhaul in the past years. However a new UI called Magazine UX ( for Tablet devices ) was observed at CES 2014 which can very well make way to the Galaxy Note 4.

Conclusion :

Going on the lines of the leaked report, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 featuring an upgrade in every possible corner both in hardware and software makes it a really tempting and rock solid device.¬†However these rumors should be considered with a pinch of salt. We’ll keep an eye out for any updates on the subject.

Samsung needs to make some refreshing changes in their design language (Curves are getting monotonous) and bring something new to the table. The pricing needs to be right for the device to be successful along with a functional UI which doesn’t come loaded (or Bloated) with countless features.

What features do you want to see in the “Next Big Thing” from Samsung? Let us know and post it in the comments!

source- CNMO

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