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XBOX One India Launch Date & Price Revealed: Pre-orders Open On Amazon India

Entering the Indian subcontinent 9 months late after the Sony Playstation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console is set to make an appearance for Indian consumers starting from September 23 on Amazon India. The pre orders for the console have started from Wednesday. Amazon India offers benefits worth Rs. 10,000 for first 1000 customers who pre-book the device including free Blu-Ray movies, gift cards and much more. Read on to find out the offer, pricing and availability details.

Xbox One

Lenovo Gaming PC Series- Z510, Y510p and IdeaCentre Horizon 27 Launched- Video Review, Features And Price

Lenovo India has launched three gaming PCs in India including two laptops in the IdeaPad Series- the Y510P and Z510 and one All In One PC with touchscreen in the IdeaCentre Horizon series. These three PCs have high end graphics performance and and offer some very high end technologies like option of adding additional graphics or storage capabilities using the hot-bay technology.

These machines are powered by the 4th generation of Intel processors which high speed RAM, high end graphics, gaming oriented keyboard and form factor, high end sound capabilities with Doolby Digital surround Sound. In this article, we give you details, price and hands on video review of these three PCs.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P Features, Video Review And Price

Lenovo Y510p

Which Is The Best Motion Gaming Consoles And Why?

June went by and so did E3. The revolutionary presentation of new consoles and better technology. As the 50,000 people saw the videos of consoles and watched them play, the motion gaming suddenly came back on. Microsoft Kinect 2 had better technology than Kinect for Xbox 360, and even to play d-pad games like Dead Rising required the Kinect. Sony showed their magic of PS4 and the “Move “add on. With better technology, the “Move” is so advanced that the PS camera Eye can sense it and predict how is the user holding it. While users have better options to choose from, but we cannot forget Nintendo’s contribution to the World of motion gaming. It is a really tough fight between these versatile companies, each having it’s pros and cons but this guide will help you find the perfect console for you.

Battle Of Gaming Consoles