Google Hindi Input App For Android- Download For Free

Do you previously used Google translation on your desktop computer or laptop to type in Hindi. And you love to see this feature of Google on your Android device too. So this app is for you because Google introduces Google Hindi Input app on Play Store for Android devices. This app allows you to type in Hindi easily and correctly. But with only one condition if your phone supports Hindi too then this app is useful for you otherwise it will not work. So please check it first. There are many others Hindi keyboards already available on Play Store but this one is surely made for your device.

Google Hindi Input App For Android

Sony Xperia ZL Launched At Rs. 35990–Video Review And Features

Sony India has also launched the Sony Xperia ZL in India on 6th March 2013 along with the launch of Sony Xperia Z. The Xperia ZL has gone on sale on Flipkart at Rs. 35990 which is under the Xperia Z by about Rs. 3000. The major difference between the Z and ZL is that Z is a water resistant model while the ZL is not, rest all is practically the same. The ZL comes in both white and black colour.

Giving you a quick look at the features and specifications of the phone, it comes with a full HD 5 inch capacitive touchscreen with 5 point multi touch inputs which can sense up to 10 inputs at same time. The PPI density at 441 is is higher than that of an iPhone 5.


Sony Xperia ZL

Sony Xperia Z Launched In India At Rs. 38990–Features, Video Review and Details

Sony India has launched the Sony Xperia Z in India officially on 6th March 2013. The same has gone on sale on Flipkart for a price of Rs. 38990. Xperia Z is the latest phone from Sony globally and has been launched in India in just a few weeks of its global launch at MWC 2013 in Barcelona Spain.

It features a 5 inch capacitive touchscreen with full HD 1080×1920 aka 1080p display which looks brilliant. The display has a pixel per inch density of 441 which is much higher than that of an iPhone 5. The display touchscreen is multi-touch capacitive screen and has scratch resistant glass. It can sense up to 10 touch-inputs at the same time. It has Bravia graphics engine which makes the graphics super smooth and stunning in colours. Above all, its water resistant, so if you happen to work in environment where there are splashes of water or risk of phone getting wet, it will be really useful.

Sony Xperia Z Colour Options White Purple Black

LG Google Nexus 7 India Launch In June 2013- Official

Indians have suddenly developed a liking for the Tablet PCs and the budget tablet sales in the country are going simply out of the roofs. Micromax, the company which has all its tablets priced in sub-Rs.10,000 price bracket is the number 1 tablet maker in the country and that is a living proof of budget tablets being popular in the country. But Google intends on being the king of the budget tablet segment in India when it will launch the Asus Google Nexus 7 in India this June( read as officially ).

Asus will be bringing the tablet to India this June and the tablet which is already available in the country through offline and online stores will be brought officially. Currently the Nexus 7 is sold in India without any warranty but the official launch would bring the warranty as well. “The Nexus 7 tablet will be launching officially in the Indian market soon and is expected to be up for sale by June this year”, is what was said by a company official to the good folks at

LG Google Nexus 7 India Launch

Mobile Prices In India Increase From April 2013- Taxes Hiked

The Union Budget 2013 has been a mixed bag. Its been good for some industries and not so good for some. The mobile industry belongs to the latter group. The country is witnessing an unprecedented increase in the number of smartphone users but the Budget 2013 is not at all conducive to this growth. Mr.P.Chidambram, the country’s finance minister has announced that the mobiles costing more than Rs.2,000 will become costlier from 1-6 percent.

The Finance Minister, at the time of presenting the Budget, stated, “About 70 per cent of imported mobile phones and about 60 percent of domestically manufactured mobile phones are priced at Rs 2,000 or below. I do not propose to change that (excise duty) in the case of low priced mobile phones. However, on mobile phones priced at more than Rs 2,000, I propose to raise the duty to six percent.” And mobiles costing north of this, are pretty much all the smartphones on offer.


Salora Android Tablets Launched Between Rs. 4999 to Rs. 5999

There was a time when Salora televisions were a force to reackon with. But that was a once upon a time scenario. Times have changed and the company has shifted its focus to the Android game. The company launched a smartphone few days ago and now have gone on to launch two budget Android tablets which offer you quite the decent specs for the price they ask. The range of the tablets will start from Rs.4,999 and the dearer one would cost you Rs.5,499.

These are the first tablets from the company in the market. The tablets will come with a 7 inch screen and will come with Wi-Fi support. There will be 4 GB of internal memory on offer for both the tablets and battery power would be the same as well which would be 3,200 mAH. A VGA camera will be present in the front for video calling and self portraits but there would be no primary camera. So much so for the similarities, now let us talk about the differences in the two.

Salora Android Tablets Launched Between Rs. 4999 to Rs. 5999