Best Power Banks In India With Over 10,000 mAh Capacity Under Rs. 1,500

Our dependency on smartphones and tablets has increased to such an extent that we cannot think of spending a day or even an hour without them. But, unfortunately, the more we make use of our smartphones, more quickly does its battery dies. While leaving our house, we wish that the battery of our smartphone lasts a full working day. To solve this annoying trouble of running out of battery, handset manufacturers like Honor vs Xiaomi, Asus and OnePlus though, have introduced value for money Power banks or portable chargers. Problem arises when we have to choose one out of innumerable Power Banks available in the market. If you are confused about which power bank to buy, don’t worry and check out this post to find the best power banks in India and make the right decision!

Best Power Banks In India

Best Power Banks In India

There are a variety of power banks available in the market varying in capacity, sizes, colors etc. Several handset manufactures namely, Honor vs Xiaomi vs Asus vs OnePlus have recently launched their power banks in the Indian market. Let’s have a look on their key features to help you decide which one would be the best for you.

1. OnePlus Power Bank

The OnePlus power bank with 10000mAh capacity is available to buy exclusively from at Rs. 1,399. It comes with safety features to prevent overheating and overcharging. This power bank also flaunts its sleek and stylish design.

2. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

Xiaomi Mi Power bank comes with 10,400 mAh battery capacity. Priced at Rs. 999, it is available to buy from

3. Asus ZenPower

Asus ZenPower is touted as world’s no.1 credit card sized power bank. It comes with 10050 mAh battery. Output that it offers is 2.4A. According to the company, it can charge a smartphone with 1500mA, 2000mA, 2500mA and 3000mA battery capacity 4 times, 3 times, 2.5 times and 2 times respectively. It can also charge tablets with 4000mA, 4500mA and 5000mA battery capacity for 1.5 times, 1.2 times and 1.1 times. It is available to buy exclusively via Asus exclusive stores and Flipkart. Black variant is priced at Rs. 1,599 onwards while variants in Gold, Silver, Pink and Blue colors are priced at Rs. 1,499 onwards. It is also the smallest and sleekest power bank of all the devices compared here.

4. Honor Power Bank

Honor Power bank offers 13,000 mAh battery capacity and is priced at Rs. 1,399. It can be grabbed from Flipkart. It is claimed to charge an iPhone 6 four times. While being the heaviest among the lot, it comes with maximum battery capacity.

Best Power Banks In India: Detailed Comparison

Features OnePlus Power Bank Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Asus ZenPower Honor AP007
Capacity 10,000 mAh 10,400 mAh 10050 mAh 13,000 mAh
Price Rs. 1,399 Rs. 999 Black color: Rs. 1,599, other colors Rs. 1,499 Rs. 1,399
Availability Amazon India Flipkart Asus excusive stores, Flipkart Flipkart
Weight 220 grams 250 grams 215 grams _
USB Ports 2 1 1 2
  • Lithium-Polymer Batteries
  • Dual-USB Ports
  • Output:5V/2A
  • Charging Time: 5.5h
  • Battery Indicator LED’s
  • Safety Features


  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Aluminum casing
  • Water and corrosion resistant
  • Output: 2.4A
  • Lithium-Ion BatteryOutput: 5V/2A
  • Metal case body
  • Energy saving mode
  • Intelligent sleep
  • LED indicators



OnePlus Power Bank VS Mi Power Bank VS Asus ZenPower VS Honor Power Bank: Comparison Video

All these power banks make sure that you never run out of battery juice on your device. At Rs. 1,399 price point, Honor’s power bank is a good option to buy since it comes with more battery capacity and two charging ports so that two devices can be charged simultaneously. If your are looking for a smaller power bank then you can go for Asus ZenPower or OnePlus. However, if your budget is stuck below Rs. 999, then Xiaomi Mi Bank would be best suitable for you.

Which power bank among OnePlus Power Bank VS Mi Power Bank VS Asus ZenPower VS Honor Power Bank do you think is better? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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