Buyer’s Guide: Tips To Pick Right Power Bank For Your Smartphone

Our smartphones act like mini computers for us. Right from simple tasks like making calls and sending messages to surfing internet, watching movies, capturing selfies, posting on social media like Facebook and Twitter, finding out fine dine places nearby and know the weather, for all these tasks we rely on our smartphones. Wherever we go, we take our mobiles with us. But what if you are outside and the battery of your smartphone dies. This problem can be solved by using a power bank.

With numerous power banks available in the market, it is evident for you to get confused. Thus, with this post, we will help you pick the right power bank for your smartphone. Read on to find out our buyer’s guide entailing things to consider while buying a power bank for your smartphone.

pick the right power bank for your smartphone

Tips: How To Pick Right Power Bank For Your Smartphone

Follow the tips listed below to pick the best power bank for your smartphone.

1. Know Your Phone’s Battery Capacity

Before you buy a power bank, check the battery capacity of your smartphone. You can find the battery capacity on its packaging or retail box. You can also search about your smartphone’s battery capacity over the internet. For instance, Apple iPhone 6 has battery capacity of 1810mAh and Samsung Note 5 has battery capacity of mAh 3000mAh.

2. Buy Power Bank With Higher Battery Capacity

If your smartphone’s battery capacity is 1500mAh, then look for a power bank with at least 2000mAh capacity. A power bank with even higher capacity of 3500mAh battery will charge it at least twice. It is advisable to buy a power bank with at least twice the capacity as your smartphone’s battery.

3. Know Charger Specifications Of Your Smartphone

Another thing which you should know before buying a power bank is its charger specifications including output voltage and output current. Again, you will find these details on the packaging of your smartphone.

4. Buy Power Bank With Same Or Higher Voltage Or Current

Smartphones usually draw 1 Ampere or 2.1 Ampere current. It is ideal to buy a power bank with both 1A and 2.1A ports.

5. How Many Devices You Need To Charge

If you carry more than one devices with you, then look for a power bank with more number of ports so that you can simultaneously charge the devices.

6. LED Indicator

Look for a power bank with LED notification lights. These lights alert you when the power bank is fully charged and when it needs to be re-charged.

7. Brand

Avoid buying power banks from unknown brand with cheap quality. Using a poor quality power bank might damage your smartphone. Make sure you buy it from a trusted seller with good after sales service.

You can check out some power banks with over 10,000mAh capacity priced under Rs. 1,500 here. Companies like Microsoft and Yu have also launched their power banks in India. Keeping in mind, the above tips, you can choose the most suitable power bank for yourself.

Did we miss out any of the tips to consider while picking the right power bank for your smartphone? Share with us in the comments section below!

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