How To Delete WhatsApp Messages From Receiver’s Device

You have just sent a WhatsApp message that you immediately regret. What to do now? WhatsApp now allows you to delete messages up to seven minutes after sending them you’ve sent them. However, if you cross that time limit, there’s a workaround that can be used. You don’t need to sneak anyone’s phone and try to delete such message. Let us help you out of a tricky situation. Read more to find How To Delete WhatsApp Messages From Receiver’s Device

How To Delete WhatsApp Messages From Receiver's Device

How To Delete A Sent WhatsApp Message

  • Just tap and hold the problematic message.
  • Now, select the ‘bin’ icon in the top bar.
  • Select ‘Ok’ to the pop up message that asks if you really want to delete the message.
  • To remove the message from the receiver’s device, just select the ‘Delete for everyone‘ option. (This option is only available for up to seven minutes after a message has been sent).
  • Once a message is deleted, it will be replaced with a notification ‘This message was deleted‘.
  • The ‘Delete for Everyone‘ feature works with all types of WhatsApp messages. This includes text messages, videos, images, GIFs or documents.

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How To Delete A Sent WhatsApp Message After 7 Minutes

It has been more than 7 minutes and the ‘Delete for everyone’ option is gone. What to do now? Don’t panic. There is a workaround to extend the ‘Delete for everyone’ time limit.

  • First, turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data on your smartphone.
  • Now, go to Settings > Time and Date and roll back the date to a time before you sent the message. Yes, this involves literally turning back the time.
  • Next, open WhatsApp, select the message and choose ‘Delete for Everyone’ option.
  • That’s it.

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Whether or not you are able to follow the above-mentioned steps before the recipient reads your message depends on your luck. While the blue ticks are the easiest way to know for sure, if they use an accessory or Whatsapp notifications, you won’t see any blue. Anyway, you will have to explain the ‘This message was deleted‘ notification. It is advisable to be careful before sending any messages. Do you have any stories about random mistaken texts? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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