Google Titan USB Security Key Launched With Passkey Support – Here’s How To Use Them

Google has launched a new Titan Security Key. It can protect users against phishing attacks and prevent unauthorized access to Google Accounts. Read more to find How To Use Google Titan USB Security Key

 How To Use Google Titan USB Security Key

Passwords are slowly becoming an outdated security option. Recently, Google introduced passkeys as a safer option to access accounts. Now, you don’t even need a smartphone for the same.

The Google Titan Security Key is a portable hardware device that is designed to support passkeys. It incorporates secure cryptography. Users can store over 250 unique passkeys.

Google Titan USB Security Key Launched With Passkey Support

Unlike the current USB-A and USB-C devices, the new version of Titan Security Key comes with NFC capabilities. It can be quickly connected to mobile devices.

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How To Use Google Titan USB Security Key

Using a Google Titan USB Security Key is quite easy. You can set up a passkey for a Google Account and establish a simple PIN code. This will allow you to securely sign in without a password.

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Pricing and availability

USB-A/NFC Security KeyUSD 30 (approx Rs 2,495)
USB-C/NFC Security KeyUSD 35 (approx Rs 2,910)

The new Google Titan Security Key is priced at USD 30 (approx Rs 2,495) for the USB-A/NFC version. The USB-C/NFC Security Key comes at USD 35 (approx Rs 2,910). The new security keys are now available for purchase on the Google Store.

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Google will also offer 100,000 of the new security keys at no cost to global high-risk individuals in 2024. This will be done as part of the company’s commitment to the Advanced Protection Program (APP).

“With the surge in phishing attacks and upcoming pivotal elections, we are eager to offer a solution that not only eradicates the hassles associated with passwords but also enhances your safety throughout the process,” said Christiaan Brand, Group Product Manager and Grace Hoyt, Partnerships Manager, Advanced Protection Program.

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