Microsoft Kills Windows Phone 8.1 Support – How To Upgrade To Windows 10

Microsoft has ended the Windows Phone 8.1 support. This marks the end of Windows Phone. If you are using a Windows handset with the previous OS version, don’t worry. You can still upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. Here’s How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Mobile OS

How To Upgrade To Windows 10

The end of Windows Phone 8.1 support does not come as a surprise. Microsoft rolled out the last update nearly two years ago. The best option for Windows Phone users is to upgrade to the Windows 10 Mobile OS. Here’s How To Upgrade To Windows 10 Mobile OS from Windows Phone 8.1:

Check Eligibility

Download the Upgrade Advisor app for find if your Windows Phone 8.1 device is eligible for an upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. Here’s how:

  • On Start button, swipe over to the All Apps list.
  • Select Store.
  • Search for the Upgrade Advisor app and install it.
  • Open the app on your device.
  • The Upgrade Advisor checks your device and let you know if it’s eligible for an upgrade or not.
  • If the update is available for your device, select ‘Enable Windows 10 upgrade‘.

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Before You Install The Upgrade

Here are some things to remember before you update to Windows 10 Mobile for your Windows Phone 8.1 device:

  • Keep your smartphone plugged into a charger.
  • Connect your phone to a stable Wi‑Fi network.
  • Backup your settings, apps, photos, and text messages before installing the update. Just go to Start > All Apps list > Settings > Backup, and follow the instructions.
  • Rename your phone to make sure you don’t overwrite your Windows Phone 8.1 backup. Go to Start > All Apps list > Settings > About > Edit name.
  • Free up enough storage space to download and install the update. You can move your files to OneDrive or an SD card. You can also delete some heavy apps and reinstall them later.

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How To Install the Windows 10 Mobile OS Upgrade

  • Go to Start > All Apps list > Settings > Phone Update and install the update. You can install the update immediately or postpone it for a more convenient time.
  • On Windows devices with OS version 8.10.14219.341 or later, you can schedule the updates from Start > All Apps list > Settings > Phone Update > Preferred install time.
  • Leave the phone alone for a while. The upgrade might take an hour or more to complete. Your phone will restart a few times during the installation.
  • After installation, keep your phone plugged in and connected to WiFi so all the apps can finish updating too. Updates apps from Start > All Apps list > Store > Menu > Downloads and updates > Check for updates.
  • You can check missing apps from Start > All Apps list

Stay Updated

You can easily keep your newly upgraded smartphone. Just go to Start > All Apps list > Settings > Update & security > Phone update > Check for updates.

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The upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile started over a year ago. However, not all Windows phones have received the update as yet. We hope out tips on ‘How To Upgrade To Windows 10’ was helpful. You can use the Windows Device Recovery Tool to rollback to a previous version. Will you be upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile OS? Let us know in the comments section below.

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