How To Listen To Netflix Soundtracks On Spotify

Spotify has launched a new ‘Netflix Hub’ on its app. It will allow users to access soundtracks and podcasts from popular Netflix shows. Read more to find How To Listen To Netflix Soundtracks On Spotify

How To Listen To Netflix Soundtracks On Spotify

Netflix is still the most popular streaming platform that introduces new shows and movies on a weekly basis. Now, you will get easy access to the soundtracks of these popular shows.

The company has partnered with Spotify to offer official soundtracks, playlists, and podcasts for its shows. All these will be part of a new hub on the music streaming giant.

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The new Netflix Hub on Spotify will contain playlists from shows like Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) and Bridgerton. You can also listen to the official soundtrack from popular shows like Squid Game and Cowboy Bebop.

How To Listen To Netflix Soundtracks On Spotify

The Netflix-based podcasts in the hub will include Netflix Is A Daily Joke, Now Listen, and The Crown: The Official Podcast. The new feature will cater to viewers wanting more after the credits roll.

Dedicated fans can also take a quiz. The Character Match Playlist quiz allows you to find out your perfect La Banda character and soundtrack match.

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How To Listen To Netflix Soundtracks On Spotify

  • The exclusive Spotify content can be accessed by both free and premium subscribers. All you need to do is simply search “Netflix” on Spotify.
  • You can access unique Spotify features through Canvas, Storylines, and playlist Clips.
  • This includes users from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and India.

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Spotify has become the most popular music streaming platform. It benefited from the pandemic and saw a rise in premium subscribers in the third quarter. Several new features have also attracted more subscribers.

Lately, Spotify has been pushing to capture the podcast segment (in competition from Apple Music). Previously, the music streaming giant also collaborated with Disney to create the Disney Hub.

Now, the Netflix partnership is aimed at bringing more users to the app. Spotify is calling the ‘Netflix Hub‘ the “next chapter in the golden age of audio streaming.”

How To Listen To Netflix Soundtracks On Spotify

The company hopes to cash in on the fandom around trending shows/movies further fueling internet obsessions. Apparently, within two weeks of Squid Game’s debut on Netflix, Spotify listeners created more than 22,500 unique themed playlists.

In anticipation of the final season of Money Heist, Spotify has also refreshed the La Casa De Papel destination with new videos from the cast and the show’s official playlist featuring tracks from the latest episodes.

Additionally, an enhanced album experience has been added for Netflix’s new Western film, The Harder They Fall. It will offer a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the movie’s soundtrack, led by Jay-Z, and featured artists like Kid Cudi, Koffee, and Ms. Lauryn Hill.

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