How To Share Google Photos With Anyone

You don’t need to share holiday photos via WhatsApp or other sharing apps. Read more to find How To Share Google Photos With Anyone

How To Share Google Photos With Anyone In Easy Steps

Now Google users can easily share their images and videos with other Google users. If you don’t have a Google Account, you can access them with the help of public links.

Google Photos allows you to access backed-up photos and videos from signed-in devices. However, the easiest sharing option is to create a public link to a photo/video for a user who doesn’t use Google Photos.

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How To Share Google Photos With Anyone

  • Open the Google Photos app on your smartphone/ tablet.
  • Now, select the photos/ videos you want to share.
  • Next, tap and drag to select.
  • Then, tap the Share icon that appears.
  • Now, look for the Create link option.
  • Next, paste the link on WhatsApp, Gmail, or any other app to share it.
  • That’s it!

Note: While the above-mentioned method is the simplest, it may not be the most private method. Anyone with the link can access the shared images/ videos.

For extra privacy, you can use options like Google Photos in-app messaging service, a shared album, Nearby Share, etc.

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Google Photos is one of the most popular apps for backing up photos and videos, especially because it comes preloaded on Android smartphones.

Recently, Google has added a lot of new features like refreshed collage designs, privacy locks, and cinematic images.

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