How To Use Your Smartphone For Stargazing

Has the recent solar eclipse ignited your interest in the outer space? Just looking at the stars can great a great sense of wonder and love for the magical existence of our tiny planet. Thankfully, you don’t longer need a telescope or astronomy books to make sense of the worlds (constellations and planets) around us. All you need to locate stars, planets, satellites, etc. is your smartphone. Read more to find about How To Use Your Smartphone For Stargazing

How To Use Your Smartphone For Stargazing

There are many apps which use augmented reality and your smartphone camera to help you find stars in the night sky. All you need to do is install these applications on your iOS or Android handset. You can choose from the following apps to boost your stargazing habits.

SkyView Free (iOS)

The simple app uses the rear camera to offer information about names and paths of all the bright spots on the night sky. You can also search for specific stars or space stations. The app allows you to share interesting spots via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Star & Planet Finder (iOS)

The easy-to-use app can help you locate stars and planets in the night sky. Just pick a star, planet or satellite from the list. Next, the app uses your handset’s rear camera to point you in the right direction. However, the free option only works with a few planets. IIn-app purchases unlock other stars and satellites.

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Star Chart (iOS | Android)

The popular app uses augmented reality to unmask the magic of night sky. Additionally, it allows you to travel back and forth in time (about 10,000 years). Users can also change their location to view the night sky from other parts of the planet. In-app purchases unlock enhanced star catalogs, meteor showers, comets etc.

Google Sky Map (Android)

The Google app uses compass data and GPS to identify the objects in the sky, you pointing your camera at. Just point to a section of the sky to find the objects. It also allows you to time travel and finds out where the object will be at a later hour of the night.

Night Sky Lite (iOS | Android)

The simple app comes with a community that helps you find great stargazing locations across the world. You can also check weather conditions for the coming night.

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GoSkyWatch Planetarium (iOS)

This app is only available for the iPad devices. It uses the combination of a big screen, and 180 degrees view to offer information about any star or planet in the night sky. Just a tap on the celestial object shows you the information about the object.

Satellite Augmented Reality (Android)

This app lets you track and observe all the satellites we have launched around our planet. You can track the path and location of satellites orbiting the earth. The app also offers a database to look for a specific satellite. Just point your handset towards the sky and it will locate the satellite for you.

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ISS Detector (Android)

This app lets you spot the International Space Station (ISS). It can notify you 5 minutes ahead of an ISS fly by. In-app purchases let you track the Tiangong space station, the Hubble space telescope, satellites and comets too.

NASA App (iOS)

This app allows you to keep tabs on the NASA space agency. The NASA app keeps you updated on the latest NASA missions with images, daily updates, news, features, tweets, satellite trackers, etc. It also has launch information, a countdown clock along with ISS sighting opportunities. You can even access the live stream from NASA TV.

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