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Sony Xperia XZs Review: Packaging Belies Underlying Story

Sony is an underrated smartphone maker. Its phones have been great, especially in the flagship segment. However, they seem to struggle with one critical issue. At first, it was the camera of the Xperia Z line of smartphones. Now that Xperia Z line is gone and replaced with Xperia XZ, the issue is with pricing. In this light, we bring you the Xperia XZs review today. It seems the Xperia flagship range has come a long way since the glass and metal bodies of Xperia Zs. However, the Xperia XZs comes to the market at a time when smartphones such as the Galaxy S8 exist.

The Xperia XZs has to score on all fronts, from hardware to price, to be deemed worth buying. This is a tall order for any smartphone out there. With the Xperia XZs being Sony’s current flagship in India, what are it chances of hitting all the right notes? Has the Xperia flagship range finally become a worthy contender in the flagship smartphone segment? Let’s find out in this Sony Xperia XZs review.

Xperia XZs Review - Front

The highly-reflective front panel