How To Send Voice Messages On Instagram Direct

Instagram has introduced a new ‘Walkie-Talkie’ style voice messaging feature. Both Android and iOS users can send private voice messages via Instagram Direct. The app sends a voice message once you release the microphone button. Read more to find about How To Send Voice Messages On Instagram Direct

How To Send Voice Messages On Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct allows you to chat with your friends/ followers in one-on-one or group settings. You can share your photos, small video clips, or some text. Now, the messaging platform has added a new upgrade. The new addition is a ‘walkie-talkie’ like system (similar to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp). It requires you to hold the record button until your message is completed. Users will be able to send and receive voice messages.

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Instagram has announced that the new feature in Instagram Direct is rolling out globally. It will be available for both Android and iOS devices. “Starting today, you can send voice messages in Direct. Talk the way you want to be heard, whether by whispering what you’re up to or shouting a compliment,” the Instagram team tweeted.

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How To Send Voice Messages On Instagram Direct

  • Update your Instagram app.
  • Go to the Direct section.
  • Select the Instagram users (you can also pick multiple users) you want to message.
  • Now, tap the microphone button (next to the camera roll button in the message bar).
  • Press and hold‘ the microphone button to record your message.
  • Once done, release the button to send the message.
  • Alternatively, swipe to the left most corner to discard your message.

Note: As of now, the app allows you to send messages up to one minute only. Also, the messages you sent or received stay permanently.

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Compared to talking, voice messages allow you to express better and quickly. You can capture the emotion in a much more effective way. Are you excited to try out the new voice messaging feature in Instagram Direct? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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