How To Speed Up Your Wi-Fi Network In Easy Steps

Since every new gadget wants an internet connection, WiFi routers are the most important part of internet savvy lifestyle. Multiple factors can easily slow down your internet connection and ruin your experience. However, you don’t need any extra accessories to speed up your connection. Here’s How To Speed Up Your Wi-Fi Network In Easy Steps

How To Speed Up Your Wi-Fi Network In Easy Steps

While some easy tweaks can help you speed up your connection, in some cases (like slow broadband or an old router) you might have to upgrade your setup. Before doing that, try the following tips. Here’s How To Speed Up Your Wi-Fi Connection?

Relocate The Router

Since routers are not the most pleasant looking gadgets, users often end pushing them beside other stuff or in a corner. However, you need to provide some breathing space to your router for a good WiFi connection. While the best place in the middle of your home or office, try to place it as close to the center as you can.

Remove Interference

Certain electronic devices can interfere with the WiFi signal and affect speeds. Hence, keep your router clear of any such devices. This will help you receive fast WiFi in all areas.

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Configure Router Settings

Only a few routers will automatically give you the fastest-possible speeds. In other cases, you need to resort to some manual intervention. While most Wi-Fi devices use the 802.11n standard, there are two frequencies to choose from. A ‘dual-band’ router can deliver 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi frequencies. The 2.4GHz is more common and as a result more crowded.

So, if your devices (smartphone/tablet/laptop) support the 2.5GHz frequency, switch to that. It will offer you a comparatively faster and more reliable connection. In some cases, you’ll have to log in to the router to see the two bands.

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Reboot The Router

Rebooting your router will remove all connected devices in an instant. This can help you remove all unnecessary connections that might be chewing of your WiFi speed. Once a new password is et, you can reconnect your devices quite easily. This old trick might easily restore fast Wi-Fi.

DIY Upgrade The Antennae

While you can unscrew the aerial antennas in some routers and replace with larger versions, there are few easy hacks too. For example, you can place a simple tin-foil reflector behind the router to bounce back the signal. While this can effectively boost Wi-Fi coverage in the direction of the reflector, it has limited coverage area.

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