How To Enable Quick Reactions For Telegram Messages

Now you can add react to messages you receive on Telegram with emojis. Read more to find How To Enable Quick Reactions For Telegram Messages

How To Enable Quick Reactions For Telegram Messages

Telegram has added many new features including In-App Translation, Spoiler Text, Message Reaction Support, and themed QR codes for public usernames.

The new update supports quick reactions. It allows users to react to incoming messages with emojis, similar to Facebook Messenger and Instagram. WhatsApp is said to be working on message reactions as well.

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How To Enable Quick Reactions For Telegram Messages

  • On an Android smartphone, go to Chat Settings > Quick Reaction.
  • iOS users can check Stickers and Emoji > Quick Reaction to choose their default reaction emoji.

That’s it! Now, for a quick response, you can react to received messages with emojis.

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Telegram has become quite popular over the last year. However, to compete with the likes of WhatsApp and Signal, it has been regularly adding new features.

In addition to the quick reactions, the popular messaging service also allows you to quickly translate messages in the app. You will see a translate button for messages sent in unknown languages.

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The new update to Telegram also brings spoiler text formatting. It allows you to hide the content of a message with potential spoilers for a movie/ tv show. The recipient can see it after a tap.

Any user or group with a public username can also generate ‘themeable’ QR codes with different colors. These can then be shared with other apps or printed.

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