How To Reduce App Data Usage On Android Devices

Telecom operators are now offering very attractive data plans. Still, there are many situations when you need to use your data conservatively. Online games and streaming services can burn your daily data quite quickly. There are multiple ways you can eat through the cellular plan despite reducing streaming quality, or opting for auto-update over Wi-Fi. Luckily Android OS offers many simple options to reduce app data usage. Left with no data at the end of the day or month? Read more to find How To Reduce App Data Usage On Android Devices

How To Reduce App Data Usage On Android Devices

Remove Useless Apps

There are many cool apps in the market that one needs to try. However, smartphones users often end up with apps they never use or don’t really need. Many such apps end up draining your data and battery in the background. Ideally, you should get rid of the useless apps as soon as possible. If not, check your device on regular basis for apps you don’t use. You can also try the lighter version of several apps to reduce data and power usage.

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Optimize Google Chrome Settings

Google Chrome is the most used browser on Android smartphones. Apart from offering quick searches and fac-checking, Chrome also offers a cool solution to reduce data usage during these tasks.

The Chrome Data Saver mode compresses and optimizes web pages for mobile devices. This means the browser consumes less data (up to 40%) in the process. However, the useful option is turned off by default. It is hidden under the settings. The Chrome Data Saver mode simplifies the web page and makes it load faster. However, this mode does not work in the Incognito mode or secure (https://) pages.

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Configure Sync Settings

Google actively scans and syncs the contents of your smartphone to maintain a seamless experience throughout the connected devices within the same account. However, this process (running in the background) costs you a lot of data.

While live sync of contact information and Gmail is quite useful, you don’t need to sync all your apps on the go. You can turn these off in the settings and wait for a Wi-Fi connection to complete syncing. Just go to Settings > Account > Google and switch them off. Make sure the sync settings are only on for essential apps you actually use.

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The above-mentioned tips can help you save that last stretch of data you might need. However, there are many other ways to optimize your mobile data usage. For example, setting the mobile data limit can put an end to mindless consumption. What tricks do you use to save your data? Share with us in the comments below.

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