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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Under Rs. 10,000

The season of love is here with Valentine’s Day and perhaps you must be thinking about what you should gift to your loved ones. Certainly there are always some typical gifts which are marked or stereo typed for women as well as some for men, yet people often find themselves in dilemma while buying a gift. To avoid this situation, technology is there to help us. Confused? Let me tell you how, tech gifts like a smartphone, smartwatch or a music listening device form an excellent gift for both him and her. So dive into the technological world to find the perfect gift for your partner.  In this post, you will find a comprehensive list of Valentine’s Day gifts ideas under Rs. 10,000 to make your loved ones feel special.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Under Rs. 10,000

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Under Rs. 5,000

Valentine’s day is finally here and this is the time when you will be confused about what to gift to your loved ones. Certainly, the market flooded with an array of gifts puts you in dilemma of what to buy. If you are experiencing the same trouble, then we can help you to get things sorted. In this post, to save your time and energy, we have come up with unique and low cost Valentine’s Day gift ideas which you can consider for your loved ones to make them feel special this Valentine’s Day. Read on to find out our picks for gifting ideas to show your love and care to the special ones in your life.

Best Portable Speakers Under Rs. 5000 In India

We often rely on our smartphone speakers for listening to music, and the sound quality of smartphone’s speaker does not seem good enough at times, like while watching a movie with friends or family, partying at home, going on a road trip etc. These are the times when we feel the need of buying a good portable speaker. Also, having to choose one portable speaker out of the array of speakers available in the market can be a difficult task. In this post, thus, we have listed best portable speakers under Rs. 5000 which will give you ultimate music listening experience. Scroll down to find the price, features, specifications and other details of best portable speakers in sub-Rs. Rs. 5000 price range.

Best Portable Speakers Under Rs. 5,000

Best Earphones For Pleasurable Music Experience With Your Smartphones

Almost everyone of us loves music. Most of us play songs in our smartphones while others listen on their laptops, PC’s or even music players and iPods. We can also see these days that app developers are trying to capitalize on the vast online music market which has tremendous potential. The launch of various music apps manifests the depth of online music industry. Yet, smartphone manufacturers usually do not provide decent earphones which give the smartphone owners ultimate music listening experience. But quality earphones manufacturers like Skullcandy, Sony and Sennheiser are making concentrated efforts to tap this growing industry and are trying to fill the void. In this post we have listed best earphones for pleasurable music experience with your smartphones. Scroll down to know the price, features and other details of earphones available in India.

Best Earphones For Pleasurable Music Experience With Your Smartphones

Best Tech Gifts Under Rs. 5000

Are you looking for some special gifts for your loved ones. If yes, then we will make sure that you don’t have to waste your time in deciding what product to buy and what not to buy for your tech-savvy companion. In this post, we bring to you the list of 6 best tech gifts under Rs. 5000 that you can gift to your friends, family or even peers. Browse some of the hot gadgets which you can gift in the list below. Happy Gifting!

Best Tech Gifts Under Rs. 5000

15 Best Tech Gifts For Guys

Who doesn’t love getting gifts from loved ones? Though girls are believed to be more happy on receiving gifts, that doesn’t mean that guys are not happy when they are at the receiving end. Everyone loves surprises. But choosing a gift that will be adored by him isn’t that easy. We understand that it could be cumbersome for you to choose the right gift for a guy, and that is what we are here for. Whether your guy likes usual things or if he likes uncommon things, you need not worry. Here’s a list of 15 best tech gifts for guys which you can consider buying which he will appreciate. Happy Gifting!

Best Tech Gifts For Guys

15 Best Tech Gifts For Mom

Mother is God’s greatest gift! Why not gift her something unique this festive season to let her know what she means to you! Why not gift her something to thank her for her unconditional love and care.

But mothers could be tricky to shop for. If you have not found the perfect gift for her yet, then we can help you with narrowing down your search. In this post we have listed 15 best tech gifts for mom for every budget for this festive season. Scroll down to find some of the special tech gifts which you can gift your mother. These gifts will certainly make her smile and multiply the charm of festivities. Happy Gifting!

best tech gifts for mom