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Best Ways To Wish Happy New Year To Your Loved Ones

I remember that when I was a teenager, people belonging to my age group used to flock Archies gallery, Hallmark and other gift and greeting cards shop to get dozen of greeting cards to send them to their loved ones on different occasions like New Year, Christmas or Friendship day. Greeting cards for our favorite teacher and close friends at school was the thing of that time. But with the inception of 21st century, technology took over our lives and physical greetings cards became old fashioned. Brick and mortar greetings and gift shops now seem to have lost their customers and people have eventually migrated to new and tech savvy ways of sending gifts, saying ‘Bye’ to traditional hard copy greetings.

Since New Year 2015 is arriving soon in couple of hours, we have come up with this post mentioning a list of best ways to wish Happy New Year to your loved ones. Scroll down to explore creative ideas for wishing your family, friends and relatives ‘Happy New Year’ in a unique way.

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Best Portable Chargers For Smartphones

For most of our works right from capturing images, sending and receiving e-mails, browsing social media accounts, listening to music, watching videos we need our smartphone. Smartphones have a become an excellent time pass while travelling an doesn’t let the user get bored. But what if our smartphone runs out of battery while travelling and we need to charge our smartphones battery instantly? Portable chargers come for rescue in such situations. But how would you decide that which portable charger among the numerous chargers available in the market will best serve the purpose of charging your smartphone or tablet? We do have a solution for this trouble. In this post we have listed five best portable chargers which will charge your smartphones instantly and you can carry them easily, anywhere you go. Scroll down to know the price, features and other details of best portable chargers for smartphones.

Best Portable Chargers For Smartphones

Best Digital Cameras Under Rs. 5000 In India

Though most of us own a smartphone and use it for every purpose including clicking images. Yet, we sometimes feel the need of a digital camera so that we can capture fleeting moments of our lives. There are many brands in India offering digital cameras with different specifications, features and prices. Having to choose just one camera, from the flooded market, often leaves the buyer confused. In this post we have included a list of Best Digital Cameras Under Rs. 5000 which are available in India. Scroll down to know the details of the best digital cameras which you can buy under Rs. 5000 range in India.

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Best Digital Cameras Under Rs. 10,000 In India

We all like capturing beautiful moments of our lives, while some of the people pursue photography as their hobby, both of which require a good camera for capturing images. But, just like smartphones and tablets, Indian market is flooded with array of digital cameras with different features and prices, leaving the buyers confused while buying a digital camera

Here is a list of Best Digital Cameras Under Rs. 10,000 range available in India which are not just full of attractive features but also deliver value for money to the buyers. Scroll down to know the specifications, features and other details of the digital camera in Rs. 10,000 price range.

Best Digital Cameras Under Rs. 10,000

Best Hair Styling Kits Available in India

With urban Indian women paying high degree of attention and care to their appearance, particularly their hair, hair rebonding, hair therapy and other hair rejuvenation have become the talk of the town. All these processes take a lot of time and considerable amount of money to be done. While these treatments stay on hair for few months and the person again feels the need to get it done again. Now to replace these processes what products are available in the market which can help women to maintain the texture,bounce and shine of their hair, conveniently at home, without spending much time and money on various treatments done in the salon? In this post we have listed the best hair kits available in India which women can use to enhance their appearance. Scroll down to know the price, features and details of best hair styling kits available in India.

Best hair styling kits

Best Tech Gifts Under Rs. 10,000 In India

Since the festivities have already started, people must be looking for budget gifts for their friends, family and peers etc. If you are having a hard time figuring out the best tech gift with your budget capped at Rs. 10,000, this is the right place you have reached. In this post we have listed Best Tech Gifts Under Rs. 10,000 for this festive season available in India. Scroll down to find out the cool gift ideas suggested by us to gift this season.

Best Gift Under Rs. 10,000

Best Tablets Under Rs. 10,000 In India

There are so many companies with wide range of tablet offerings in India. With each tablet containing impressive and advanced features, people often get confused in the market while buying a tablet. If you are looking for an affordable tablets, you have reached the right place. This post contains an array of Best Tablets Under Rs. 10,000 available in India. Have a look on the budget tablets in the list below.

Best Tablets Under Rs. 10,000