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How to share android apps with other android smartphone

Yesterday, one of my friends came to me, and he checked out installed applications on my smartphone. And he really liked one of a game installed on my smartphone. So I told him to download from Google Play Store. But he does not have proper 3G connectivity or any Wi-Fi access. So it became a curse for him to download such a 50 MB game from play store on 2G connectivity. Later I found out many of our readers too faces this problem that they are not able to download big size applications from play store. So I found out a very handy and useful app on Google Play Store name MyAppSharer developed by Jones Chi. By this app you can receive app from your friend’s smartphones. Then you don’t need to download separately.

How to share android apps with other android smartphone

By using this app you can not only share the link of apps but also you can share APK file of an app too.

Download BBM on Android and iPhone from today

After the one month delay, the most awaited app in the history of smartphones is now available to download at Google play store and iTunes app store. Or just go to bbm.com from your android phone or iPhone browser and it will automatically redirect you to app store. After installing you need to enter your email address, and you will be in a virtual queue. Because Blackberry is allowing to use BBM to those users who have signed up from bbm.com already.And those who has not signed up before they need to wait. But Blackberry has not said any word about it that how much one have to wait in this queue.

Download BBM on Android and iPhone from today

Scribble Anything And Share With Friends On Smartphones With Doodly Doo

Smartphones are becoming an integral part of our lives and the communications habits are also evolving fast. Mobile phones used to carry just voice, then came text messages, then MMS and then Data. Data connectivity gave birth to today’s smart devices and smartphones which have given a whole new medium of communication using text, images, video, pictures and what not!

But what about the basic human nature of scribbling? We do love to write, draw, sketch and communicate via these sketches. In this article, I share a very interesting and useful Android application called Doodle Doo which helps you draw anything, make sketches, take pictures and scribble on it, or take a screenshot of your android smartphone screen and add customized messages to it. It does not end here, you can share these scribbled and doodles with your friends using Doodly Doo or other IM clients like Whatsapp etc. and also via Facebook.

Doodly Doo

[How-to] Switch To US PlayStore Permanently

Android developers might release a lot of applications for the mobile operating system but when it comes to availability they restrict themselves to US region only. You might have observed some of the applications do not show up in search results and when you purposely hunt them on Google and the links redirect back to the play store which end up showing the error message “This item is not available in your country”. This is annoying because even Google knows that this won’t stop us from installing the application Android can’t be much restricted but still they do such things. US region being the hub for all such services has a lot more to offer its residents than only other country in the world. Therefore we bring this guide for users who wish to exploit some of these opportunities.

Not available in country error

  1. Install HideMan application from your Google Play Store.
  2. After installing the application, select United States.
  3. Uninstall Google Play Store updates and Play Services updates from the Application Manager.
  4. After uninstalling the updates, launch HideMan and start VPN by selecting US region.
  5. Launch Play Store and wait till it detects the internet connection and then your US Play Store will be ready.
  6. Now you can stop VPN by terminating HideMan application because Play Store has downloaded the region specific files and has changed your region to US.


Now you can download any US region specific application directly from the Play Store without any issues and enjoy the features which earlier you could not.

Some Less Known Facts And Features Of Adaptxt Keyboard For Android

Many of new Android users have a common complaint related to the typing experience on a touch screen android device, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet. This problem is even more common with users who migrate from iOS to Android. Since the touch and typing experience of almost every android phone is different from the other because of screen size, touch keyboard size and moreover there are changes done to keyboard by many phone makers. This disparity on input patterns leads to troubles for many users and they look for a more convenient and more ergonomic keyboard experience on their android tabs and phones. We recently tested Adaptxt and also met with the top management of the Adaptxt in India to get some insights into the features of the special keyboard or should we say input solutions provider.


Facebook For Google Glass Launched- Details

Its not been a while since Google launched its new device Google Glass and its not reached in most people hands yet, but developers are on their way of launching and developing new apps for this new device. On this way Facebook launched its official app for Google Glass. Its only a basic app for accessing Facebook on Google Glass. This new app allows you to share your photos with family and friends. This is the only one thing that one would like to do on Glass.

People can access the Facebook app on MyGlass and enable it by turning the app “On”. Take a photo as they normally would on Google Glass and swipe across to see Facebook audience cards. This allows them to share with friends and others on Facebook, in addition to Google+ contacts and circles. Photos shared with Facebook will appear on the News Feed with a tag line ‘via Google Glass’.

Facebook launched app for Google Glass