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Nokia Refocus app now support all Lumia Devices

Nokia has made support all Lumia devices to support its premium feature camera app Refocus app. This app was only available to Pureview devices till now. This app  launched in Nokia World event held in Abu Dhabi last year. This app allows you do change the focus of the image as the name suggest. Suppose there are three object in front of you, and as you take a picture with Refocus app, it just saves the picture and then give you a chance to change the focus on a single object. Much like when you normally take a picture from a normal camera app, then you select the focus on the app. But as the normal camera apps allow you to focus on objects before taking the picture. The Nokia’s Refocus app allows you to change the focus of the image after taking picture.

Nokia Refocus app now support all Lumia Devices

Google is rolling out Google Now update today, brings video and TV on demand

According to Engadget, Google is rolling out a small update for its Android search app Google Now. This update is listed as simple bug fix, and it introduces some new features. Google is rolling out its today, and it will be available to most of the users today as we hope or maybe it will take a while to reach everyone. This new update for Google Now is only available for Android 4.1+ devices. Some of the features are “Ok Google” hot word for United Kingdom and Canada users. It also brings improved and customizable time to-leave system. With reminder support for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazillian) and Russian. And for TV lineup and Video on demand you need to configure a provider of your smartphone.

Google is rolling out Google Now update today, brings video and TV on demand

Mozilla Updates : More customize UI, Accounts with better sync features for Firefox Aurora

Mozilla comes up with better sync features for user accounts for browser Firefox Aurura including improved customize user interface. The Mozilla has added cloud sync feature more tightly than before, so that a user can switch to any device with same browsing experience. Right now, all of these things are only available to Firefox Auror for testing only and it will available to others soon. Mozilla said that these all things are a part of Firefox operating system, and it will also help Mozilla’s Mission of helping the web become a more mobile platform.

Mozilla Updates : More customize UI, Accounts with better sync features for Firefox Aurora

Gameloft is developing a game on movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier

TouchGameplay posted a video on its YouTube channel teasing the trailer of most popular movie from Marvel Captain America: The Winter Soldier: The game. This movie is the sequel of the blockbuster superhero movie Captain America: The First Avenger. The first game Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty game on this movie was made by Marvel itself back in 2011. But now Gameloft, a popular game developer, known for its superb graphics and gameplay is developing game for upcoming the movie and it will launch it in late March with the launch of movie. It will be available on iPhone, iPod touch and Android with no details about windows phone availability.


Top 3 VOIP Calling Apps for Free International Calling


In the battle of internet applications vs. telecom services, the heavy blows of free instant messages is not the only thing that worries telcos, but slowly and steadily, VOIP calling facility in mobile apps is chipping away from the national and international calling revenues. Among a variety of IM apps that offer free VOIP calling within the same platform, there are a few which go beyond. Here’s a list of the Top 3 VOIP calling apps which can connect you anywhere around the globe for free or at a minimum charge. All you would need is a decent internet connection and you can actually save a lot on your mobile bills.

Top 3 VOIP Apps

WeChat Games- Allows To Play Games On WeChat, AskMe Official Account Announced

WeChat announced the launch of WeChat Games with new version of the app. The games can be played on the phone and scored of the same can be shared with friends on WeChat. Some of the apps will be integrated within the app and some will also be downloaded separately. There are many popular games with good graphics which will be be available right from the version 5.1 and more games including localized Indian games will also be added to WeChat.

WeChat Games (2)

Top 10 Windows Phone Applications Definitely Worth Trying

Windows Phone has been catching up these days. If you have noticed there are been a lot of activity going on within the Windows Phone development team. Recently Nokia rolled out the Lumia Black update for all their WP8 devices to enhance the experience a little more. Android and iOS are no doubt ahead but the gap now is not to broad to bridge.