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Facebook Home For Android Is Just A Hype Or Real Revolution? Video Review Inside

We have seen many revolutions in technology in past decade including Steve Jobs introducing Smartphones which reached masses, Google bringing Android OS which took the smartphone penetration to an all new level. Today, Facebook’s founder Mark Mark Zuckerberg announced at a Media event.

Is Facebook Home For Android Is Just A Hype?

Well, there will be many tech analysts which may call it a hype by calling it just another Android App. In real sense, it is an App only, but what is does is much more than usual apps. It integrated deeply with Android and makes Facebook as the default launcher. Your Android phone’s lock screen or home screen becomes Facebook wall and shows you updates. What it also does it that, it gives you option to access most used apps from this screen (which you can configure), lets you access messaging which integrated your SMS or Text messages, Facebook messages and other messaging app messages in one interface.

Facebook Home For Android Is Just A Hype

Gaana Music Streaming App For Windows Phone Now Available

India’s most popular music streaming website is now available as an app for windows phone. This app works with windows phone 7.8 and 8. Recently gaana.com was the first Indian music streaming website that launches app for ipod. Gaana is also available on Google’s Play store, BlackBerry’s Webstore and for most of the java supported devices too. Gaana supports Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and songs in other 21 languages. So you can stream any type of music from Gaana free whether its Indian or International music. The windows app of Gaana is customized for the windows tiles that look great on phone. The Gaana and Microsoft teams have been working together from weeks to bring Gaana app for windows phone.

This app has great features like social media integration so you can easily share your favorites with your friends and also recommended them music you are listening. The user interface of this app is customized very good for windows phones. You can also make playlist and sync them to web or your other devices too. There are many playlists also available there that was generated by other users, you can listen them too. And you can share your playlist too with others. And with the smart recommendations when you are listening songs it also recommends you other songs to listen. There are 1 million songs available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and much more.

With this app, you can:

– make playlists or hear our favorite playlists, and sync them across the web and your phone

Review: Gaana new windows phone music streaming app

– search from over 1 million songs for the one you love – whether it’s English, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, and much more!

Review: Gaana new windows phone music streaming app

– smart recommendations to listen to similar songs, artists, or albums

Review: Gaana new windows phone music streaming app

– easily share your favorites with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.

This app is developed by Times Mobile limited, Other popular apps developed by them is Times of India,Speaking tree, Time Deal, Economics Time and  Times photos.




GupShup ‘chit-chat’ A Whatsapp Replacement For Smartphones

A new messenger app GupShup is now available to download on Google play store, Apple’s iTtunes and BlackBerry’s Webstore. This app allows you to send text to others via SMA or internet. This app is available on popular platforms so you can chat with them simply. And even if they don’t have installed this app on their device then the messages you send them will reach as an SMS into their inbox. The main and popular feature of this app that makes it different from others, is that it has lots of emotions that are widely popular among its users. There are many of pages of custom emotions and many of them are made for Indian context.

GupShup 'chit-chat' a new messaging app

Real Racing 3 Launched For Android And iOS

Gaming on the smartphones and tablets has been gaining popularity with each passing day and the gaming companies realise that pretty well. Electronic Arts( EA ) games has just launched the latest iteration of their popular game, Real Racing and the Real Racing 3 will carry on from where the version 2 left. The game will launch on iOS and Android and is available for a free download. A game from such a giant and that too for free will surely make a lot of waves.

EA bought the game from Firemint in 2011. It is a freemium game which means there are in-app purchases involved and this is the model which is attracting a lot of money for the developers. The graphics are quite close to real and the game will feature car damage, functional rear view mirrors and will be powered by Mint 3 engine. The size of the download is 716 MB and you need 2 GB of free storage space on your device.


Google Hindi Input App For Android- Download For Free

Do you previously used Google translation on your desktop computer or laptop to type in Hindi. And you love to see this feature of Google on your Android device too. So this app is for you because Google introduces Google Hindi Input app on Play Store for Android devices. This app allows you to type in Hindi easily and correctly. But with only one condition if your phone supports Hindi too then this app is useful for you otherwise it will not work. So please check it first. There are many others Hindi keyboards already available on Play Store but this one is surely made for your device.

Google Hindi Input App For Android

Times of India launches “Alive” Augmented Reality News Application

Nokia hired SRK and used the Nokia City lens with Augmented Reality app to sell the complete Lumia series. It was quite the capable application and following in its footsteps in another application which has been launched by India’s largest media group in India. The Times of India has launched an Augmented Reality News application and has been named Alive. It was launched on the 16th of December with an estimated 15,000 downloads a day but it went on score 2,50,000 downloads with 3,00,000 augmented reality views! That is quite a number for any application, let alone a news application.

Times of India Alive Application