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[Tutorial] How To Use WhatsApp Web Feature On Your iPhone

While WhatsApp Web service was announced earlier this year, iPhone users were not able to make use of this service, reason being, the feature was rolled out for Android, Blackberry and Windows phone users only. Now, WhatsApp has finally launched the WhatsApp Web feature for iPhone users. Furthermore, this service was available only with Google Chrome desktop browser initially, but earlier this year, the company also extended its support for Opera and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Using this feature, iPhone users can access WhatsApp on their PC to send images, texts, audios as well as video messages. Read on to find out quick tutorial on how to use WhatsApp Web feature on your iPhone.

WhatsApp Web For iPhone

WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature Starts Rolling Out For iOS Users

Within less than a month of rolling out WhatsApp voice calling feature for Android users, Facebook owned WhatsApp has started the roll-out of the said feature for iOS users. To recall, the roll-out for Android users began in February 2015 and iPhone users remained disappointed all that while. Now, iOS users will not have to wait much for the said feature since WhatsApp has released a major update (version 2.12.1)  for its iOS app. However similar to the roll-out process followed for Android customers, iOS users will also not get the voice calling feature on all devices at once since App Store’s listing states that it “is rolling out slowly over the next several weeks.”

Besides voice calling, WhatsApp (version 2.12.1) update brings many new features like iOS 8 share extension, Quick camera button and much more.

WhatsApp voice Calling Feature

How To Get WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature On Your Device: Step By Step Tutorial

Many messaging apps are launched every year which at one time get popular and eventually lose their charm among users. But, Whatsapp does not seem losing its charm so easily. With 700 million active users across the globe already, WhatsApp has taken another step to draw potential customers and sustain its existing customers with its new voice calling feature. A Reddit user has posted few images of the WhatsApp voice calling feature which makes us believe that the feature will soon be officially announced. After launching the WhatsApp for Web service, WhatsApp has now reportedly rolled out its voice calling service in india. Though it sounds like a good news for some, yet many users will still have to wait to make use of this service on their WhatsApp since this service has been rolled out for select customers only. Read on to find out more about the new voice calling feature.

Whatsapp voice calling feature

How To Disable WhatsApp Double Blue Tick Read Receipt: Tutorial With Video

Do you find Read receipts on your WhatsApp frustrating? Do you want to stop people in your contact list from knowing that you have read their message? For some, this WhatsApp feature is a boon while others take it as annoying feature. You can easily disable the blue ticks on your WhatsApp using the steps mentioned in this post. By disabling this feature, others will not see your read receipts but you on the other hand will also be not able to see read reports from other people in your friend list. This option is available on Android devices only. Read on to find out How To Disable WhatsApp double blue Tick Read Receipt on your Android device.

How To Disable Whatsapp Double Blue Tick Read Receipt

Use WhatsApp Worldwide Without Internet Connection For Free With WhatSIM

Within no time, WhatsApp application has gained tremendous popularity all over the world which is confirmed by the fact that WhatsApp has 700 million active monthly users across the world. People have almost quit using traditional sms service for sending and receiving messages while they use WhatsApp application nowadays which offers wider scope so that users can send and receive images, videos and audios in addition to text messages. But people often face difficulty when they need to travel abroad and cannot access WhatsApp service on their device due to lack of internet connectivity. Catering to the needs of those users, WhatSIM has been launched which will allow users to use WhatsApp globally without internet connection. Read on to find more details on price and availability of WhatSIM.


How To Use WhatsApp For Web: Use Whatsapp On Your PC [Tutorial With Video]

Whatsapp has become an integral part of our lives. For most of us, checking our Whatsapp messages is the first thing that we do when we wake up in the morning and the last thing as well that we do before retiring to bed. Some people crib that why they can not access WhatsApp on their PC’s when they are on their work and feel tedious while switching from PC’s to smartphones just to check their WhatsApp notifications. For all the Whatsapp freaks out there, there is a good news. Whatsapp has launched its WhatsApp for web service. In this post, we will take you through step-by-step tutorial on How to use WhatsApp for web on your laptops or PC’s.

How To Use WhatsApp For Web

[How-To] Enable Pop-up notifications for WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging client on not only Android but all mobile platforms including iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, and even Nokia’s proprietary S40. WhatsApp has been rolling out new features every few months in order to keep the users interested. Other messaging clients like WeChat, LINE, Hike, etc. have tried to overtake that user base but they are not able to do so.

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