Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Gets Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Premium Suite

The latest release from Samsung in Asia, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, will be distributed with Android 4.1.2. According to the latest report by UberGizmo “The scaled- down version of the Galaxy S3 will be retailed in countries like Indonesia and Vietnam bearing the  Samsung-exclusive Premium Suite, which was absent in the earlier release of the mini.” This report when interpreted clearly states that the new Galaxy S3 will comprise latest feature like Multi-Window view, Group Cast, Smart Rotation, and much more. The Samsung’s Premium Suite at the same time comprises several new tools that will give the users the privilege of customizing their notifications board according to their personal preferences and relish their collection of fresh apps. This Premium suite was earlier implemented in Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Nokia Lumia 920 Launch In India In January 2013– Details

Nokia has given their current flagship, Lumia 920 everything that they have by packing in features almost difficult to find fault with. It features one of the best smartphone camera modules as they’ve used their much touted Pureview technology for it. The screen size is just the perfect for viewing and it is not too big either. The phone got off to great start in US and Europe with the Out-of-Stock appearing every now and then on retailer’s websites.

India is considered to be Nokia’s one of the most important markets as they’ve managed to make the Indians trust Nokia so much that they would buy a Nokia over any other similarly specced mobile phone available even at a slightly lower point. The success of the Asha series in the age of cheap droids pretty much points towards it and they look to replicate the success in the premium smartphone market as well and look all geared up for that too.

Nokia Lumia 920

Micromax A101– 5 Inch Android Phone With Dual Core Processor And 512 MB RAM

Micromax seems to be taking the phablet market by storm with every passing day. Micromax launched the A100 Canvas with a 5 inch screen and then brought out a vastly improved version of A100 in the form of A110 Canvas 2. They brought Super AMOLED display at a budget when they brought the A90 and then bettered the A90 by introducing the A90s with better processing power. And yes, they even put in 8MP units in their A90s and A110.

Micromax A101 came online a while ago when it was listed on but was listed as out of stock which meant it could not reach our hands. When the company was contacted, they said that it was an exclusive launch for the website but refused t comment any further. It has resurfaced and this time it has been made available by and much to the relief, is available for ordering and is in stock. The 5 inch phablet has been listed for Rs.9,999.

Micromax A101-Front

Byond Phablet PIII Launched At Rs. 14499

Samsung seems to be readying up a 6-inch phablet for a CES or a MWC launch and will christen it as their next flagship, the Note 3. But you see, we Indians first started to catch up to the MNCs and then we just went ahead and made a technology reach the market that the Koreans and the Taiwanese were still working upon. Yes we are taking about a mobile phone with a 6 inch screen which Samsung is rumoured to be developing, but Indians have already launched a couple of them with a similar screen size.

Byond launches Phablet PIII

Lava Iris N400 Launched At Rs. 6399

When Intel was looking for companies to use its chipsets in Android devices, not many came forward because the applications were always going to be limited due to the architecture of the chipsets. So, the Indian mobile maker Lava came forward and the result was Xolo X900 which was way way more an Intel product rather than a Lava product. But the brand’s aspirational value never really let the very capable (read as superfast) smartphone set the sales on fire.

Now Lava has been in news for quite some time since it’s been locking horns with the Indian mobile giants Micromax and Karbonn in the so called Premium Budget segment by offering the Xolo A700 and Xolo A800. But then again, there is always another market you could venture into and Lava has just entered a new segment with its budget offering, the Iris N400 Dual SIM Android smartphone which has been priced at Rs.6,399. It will be powered by a 1500 mAh battery and shall have 512 MB of RAM and 127 MB of internal memory which can always be expanded by 32 GB via a microSD card.

Lava Iris N400

Nokia India Website Claims Lumia 920 Will Support 9 LTE Bands

Nokia India is yet to launch latest Lumia phone, the Lumia 920 which runs on latest version of Windows Phone, the Windows Phone 8 which was launch by Microsoft last month. As most phone nowadays comes with LTE or Long Term Evolution or just simply 4G support so Nokia has too made LTE available in Lumia 920 and if your carrier offer 4G then you can take advantage of it on it.