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Capture Screenshot In Windows 8 And 7 PCs

There are different methods available for capturing screen shots in Windows PCs whether its Windows 7 or 8. And there is also many types of software available for download that lets you allow capturing a complete screen or desiring part of screen. But here we are only going to talk about the some basic, easy and useful methods that let you allow capturing images whether you are using a program or any Internet browser. YES, A snipping tool is also out there with windows that lets you allow to capture images. But if you want to capture image in fast and quick way I will not suggest you Snipping tools. I am going to tell you Keyboard shortcuts and about paint only.

Capture Screenshot In Windows 8

For Windows 8, I will suggest you only one way to capture images. In many PCs and Laptops there is a Prnt Scrn( Print Screen) button on your keyboard. For capturing a complete screen just hold the Windows key and press the Print Screen button, that’s it. It will save your captured image into Image library folder.


Install Facebook Home On Any Android Phone Or Tablet

We recently reported you about Facebook Home. Some people calling it Facebook launcher and some are calling it an app, but we don’t have any problem whether it’s an app or a launcher, because it looks really cool on an Android device. However it’s still in its primary stage but still it’s good for those who use Facebook frequently. Facebook Home was launched in the Dive into Mobile conference in New York which was hosted by Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. Along with Facebook Home they also introduced HTC First which was the first phone that runs Facebook Home. They are also calling it Facebook phone. Later on 12 April Facebook officially launched Facebook Home for other high end devices like Samsung Galaxy S 3 and S4, HTC ONE along with HTC First. But everybody cannot afford a high end devices and people with mid-range smartphone also want to install Facebook Home on their device. So we have solution for you. So let’s get started.

How to get Facebook Home on any android device?

How To Get New Facebook Newsfeed Design?

Earlier at Facebook Newsfeed Event Facebook showed a new design of newsfeed. The good features of this design are that it will make images bigger than before and allows multiple feeds for different interests. Then it will give you more consistent user experience across mobile devices. But everyone is surprising, How can I get this new design of Facebook Newsfeed on my profile? Well simply follow this simple steps.