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[How-To] Enable Pop-up notifications for WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging client on not only Android but all mobile platforms including iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, and even Nokia’s proprietary S40. WhatsApp has been rolling out new features every few months in order to keep the users interested. Other messaging clients like WeChat, LINE, Hike, etc. have tried to overtake that user base but they are not able to do so.

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[How-to] Enable Photo Backup on Google Plus on Android

Ever thought if your device accidently crashes and you have format it to recover or what if it is stolen? This is where your backup counts. Taking periodic backup of your data provides an insurance against your information in case of any hazards that might happen to any one of us. This data can be anything you use docs, photographs, videos anything per se.


[How-to] Revert Back to Google Talk from Hangouts

Google Hangouts the new instant messaging service introduced by Google this I/O is the new communication medium for Google users. Hangouts has replaced Google Talk one of the most popular instant messaging service expanding it limits to reach new heights but some of the users are not able to head that way.


[How-to] Install Photosphere on Samsung Galaxy S4 Without Rooting on TouchWiz UI

Using the Nexus device or any device with the Google stock version of Android what we call it as the Vanilla rom is the purest form of Android available. Though this rom comes only installed on Nexus devices but its possible to install it on any Android device, the power of following open standards. There are a lot of roms available on the developer forums for different devices but keep this in mind that this may damage your device if the instructions are not followed properly.

Vanilla roms have some of the exclusive features which are hidden or removed on custom OEM layering like Sense and TouchWiz. But it is possible to install some of those exclusive features from the pure Android. Its easy and does not require any chance of damaging the device.

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