LG Going For OLED Display on V30? This Is Why It Is A Good News

Recently, we did a piece on LG V30. In it, we talked about every little regarding the phone, be it its price, specifications or features. However, since the phone is not out yet, it was a speculative post. If LG is planning a V30 (which it is, considering V series’ success), it will sport some top-of-the-line hardware. Gauging its price by observing the V series’ pricing trend was easy. The same holds true for features too. However, one feature about the phone (as per reports) is groundbreaking – the use of OLED display. Here are three reasons why using an OLED screen for LG V30 display is good news.

LG V30 Display render

This render of the upcoming LG V30 was shared by famous tipster Evan Blass on Twitter

Reasons Why OLED Screen For LG V30 Display Is Good News

Reason 1: More Phones With OLED Screens

If you look at phones today, most of them have an LCD panel. While an LCD panel is quite good, it does not match an OLED panel when it comes to colour accuracy. Also, the real trouble is that when it comes OLED screens, Samsung is the only name to go to (AMOLED displays, anyone?). In such a case, LG opting to use such a technology will ensure smartphone makers have more options. This reason for using an OLED screen for LG V30 display is crucial for its effects, which are quite big.

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Reason 2: Reduced Costs

If more smartphone makers use OLED panels, their construction cost is going to come down. Samsung, being the only player in this field for now, cannot meet every maker’s needs. After all, almost entire lineup of Samsung phones has a Super AMOLED panel. Then Motorola flagships and OnePlus 3T have AMOLED screens too. A player like LG in this arena can ensure the supply of such panels. Economies of scale will bring the cost of manufacturing OLED panels down, win-win situation for everyone.

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Reason 3: Innovation

If you look at LCD screen phones, they have a problem area. This area is the the limitation of LCD technology. An LCD panel has lighting at one end. This makes it tough to eliminate the bezels around a phone. The OLED panels do not face such an issue, a reason why LG V30 display may come with an OLED screen. Tips coming in suggest LG V30 will have a bezel-less front if it has an OLED screen. The saved space is crucial to making use of more features in a phone to either make them useful or have more features. This is the only way even the iPhone 8 can hope to have a fingerprint scanner under its display. Also, this is the reason how Samsung Galaxy S8 gets to be so thin even when it is chock full of features.

LG V30 render

This is another render of LG V30 shared by Evan Blass on Twitter

Anyone who has ever had a look at an AMOLED panel knows just how great it looks. Yes, LCDs have become better but OLED are in a league of their own. Put a OnePlus 3T next to a Moto G5 Plus. Both have 1080p displays but the OnePlus 3T’s display looks way more colour-rich than Motorola’s. The same holds true in Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6‘s cases too. Both have Quad HD panels but the Super AMOLED on Galaxy S8 is in a league of its own when kept next to LG G6.

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Ending it all, if there is a chance of us seeing an OLED panel as LG V30 display, the company has out attention. We already know how much it has worked on LCD technology to make it better and cant wait to see its efforts on an OLED panel now. Who knows the Super AMOLED of Samsung may just be beat by the OLED panel of LG in its first outing. Let’s wait and watch as developments on this unfold.

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